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I’ve Noticed A Top Ten Trend On The Web

Recently I have been busy building a website called Travel-Tactics. TravelTactics is all about travel news from around the web. The plan is to collate interesting articles regarding travel, especially when it comes to advice. I will also post some content myself based on my experience from the travel industry. Whenever I look on the internet I keep finding blogs with the top ten of everything.

I have been spending a lot of time setting up the website. Whilst looking for ideas I have come across a series of trends. I have noticed there are various types of blogs out there. The ones I’m looking for, can only be described as an online journal. Followed by helpful tips and advice to travel cheaper or just to gain better value.

I have come to the following conclusion regarding the rest. As a seasoned traveller the author is just trying to earn a living. Sometimes though the website is just a cover for an advertisement. I have therefore decided to write this article, Top 10 of Top 10’s because at the moment the internet is full of them!

Ten Ways To Become A Blogger

There are a few variations on the top ten ways to create a blog but basically you are walked through how to start a blog. These articles tend to have 2 objectives. The first is to help you start a blog, which is pretty obvious. The second is to get you to follow the link in the article to sign up to a hosting company. Of course there is nothing wrong with this because the author has imparted valuable knowledge. Once you have signed up and started blogging, the author will receive a small commission.

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This Has To Be The Best Ten Ways to Do SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a weird subject to get your head round and really needs more than a top ten. You either completely ignore it and because you write great content on a regular basis. You rank on Google, Hooray! I have discovered though that every article I read has the completely opposite approach to the last one. So I recently spent 3 days ‘doing SEO’ and all I managed to do was crash my site and get a headache. I think you have to pick a direction you want to go in and just go. SEO is a long slow process that over time you’ll get the hang of. A tip to leave you with, well not really a tip just an observation. Searching for your Keyword, Website or Name on your own computer will show it higher in any rankings, because it’s your computer. The non-genuine ones are hard to spot but if their blurb says. “We’ll get you to the top of Google in a month” avoid unless it’s Google themselves. SEO takes years to perfect. You’ll find my top ten coming to a website near you soon.

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For Less Than The Price Of A Bag Of Crisps Here’s Ten Ways to Tackle Social Media

Once again a few variations on the theme. Genuine articles will talk about Hootsuite, Buffer, If This Then That and possibly Tasker. The next level is the, we have a free version but for the bit you really need it’s 47 a month. This means you tend to hack different services together until your website starts generating cash. Let’s be honest Social Media is a Bitch. Unless you are actively communicating with followers, fans, friends, family and potential sponsors you’re doomed.

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How I Travel Full Time and Here’s Ten Ways You Can Too

Go and watch any YouTube video by creators like, Life Of Jord, The High Life and others. I thought about listing the top ten YouTube channels. Once you’ve seen how easy it is you’ll want to join the fun. Travelling the world continuously and all for free. Well it seems that way! These are the lucky ones, the ones who stuck with it and it paid off. Let me just put the record straight when I discovered Life Of Jord. I watched every video, packed my bags and set off to follow in his footsteps. I failed miserably!

The articles tend to give you an exciting titbit and then a pop-up appears asking you to sign-up. There are a lot of websites which offer genuine advice and free. Some ask for a donation to continue their travels and others want you to pay them for the secret. The websites offering genuine help are plentiful and although you may subscribe there won’t be a charge. If you come across the ultimate secrets of free travel for only 149.99, keep hold of your cash. 149.99 can get you a long way on the road, all you do is start here….

People that inspired me!

  • Alastair Humphreys  This is they guy that got me interested in adventure. Maybe you can be inspired too!
  • Tom Allen  Best advice for cycle touring and what an adventurer
  • Graham Hughes  The first person to visit every country without flying
  • Robbie Ferri  Zero to Hero (Sorry Robbie). Robbie is just an inspiration!
  • Mark Beaumont  The Man Who Cycled Around The World and then some!!
  • Thomas Anderson  Just an awesome guy that does great stuff, on his bike mainly!

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Here are Ten Awesome Pieces Of Equipment You Can’t Live Without

I am not condoning making a living with “New Media” after all that’s how I do it.  If you want the secret then for only 149.99…. Sorry couldn’t resist. Making money is straight forward but you must have all your fingers in all the pies. Each pie gives you a very small amount of cash. Coming soon the top ten pies!

These articles focus on recommending or reviewing products in the genre of the website. Take Travel-Tactics I have a shop but don’t stock anything. I’m into Hammock Camping in the wild, so my shop reflects the equipment I use. Each item is an affiliate link to Amazon and any item purchased earns me a very small commission. So these articles are usually affiliated.

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The Ultimate Top Ten Ways To Book Cheap Flights

Booking cheap flights is a fluid art form and takes patience. Most of the general public work hard and have maybe 1 or 2 main holidays a year. They book the same way they have booked for the last 10 years and have a pot of money allocated for their holiday. Savvy travellers tend to turn things on its head. We look for an adventure based on experiences not 2 weeks in Benidorm. This usually means attempting to out smart the travel industries big players, like airlines. These articles give you advice and the top ten will change almost daily.

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The Ten Things You Must Do In This Country

Someone has visited a Country, City or Town and usually wants to save you some time and money. So they write about it, just remember it is their experience and opinion. I have taken advice from articles like these and on some occasion had a great experience. There were times though it was awful. Jordan lived in Jakarta for a few months, so I visited Jakarta and hated it. Jakarta for me was just smog, traffic and a bad food experience. This also goes for the top ten things to avoid in a country too!

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Ten Foods You Have To Eat Before You Die.

Once again someones experience, although an insight into local cuisine. I would expect the savvy traveller to be sampling the local food anyway. These articles have pointed me towards some amazing places though. Kim Lian Kee Restaurant in Chinatown Kuala Lumpur is an example. I would never have known it existed, I couldn’t believe how good the food was and it costs pennies. I could easily do a top ten cakes list!

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The Only Ten Things To Have On Your Bucket List This Year

I really enjoy reading these as I dream about skydiving or bungee jumping. So far the ones I’ve read tend to be by adrenaline junkies who own a GoPro. One of the items on my bucket list is to enjoy a nice cup of tea with a great view. I’m easily please! These articles give you inspiration and their aim is to get your brain working. The best advice I have found on this subject is “Just Have A Bucket List” you’ll instantly become a real adventurer.

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Top Ten Apps

It’s the 21st century and we need our gadgets, don’t we? I download every App recommended and uninstall most within a week. This is usually because my phones memory is so small after 10 apps it slows down to a snail’s pace. These articles are all well and good but a flat battery or a river tend to make these devices useless. I recently read about survival and if you rely on any gadget (with batteries) to help you. Then you have a skill shortage but for only 149.99 I can fix that.

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There we go my top ten of top tens. The internet seems to be full of them, some awesome and others not so much. I’m not saying they are a bad thing, just everyone is jumping on the band wagon to get visitors to their website. On a recent Tortuga backpack podcast the presenter who was in the marketing department made an interesting statement. Tortuga focuses on articles which add value to someones travels. A top ten things to do at a destination is good. How to get from the airport to your hostel or where not to exchange money is better. I agree!

This article was written on a cold February night the day after storm Doris. Yes we name them too now, by John Holt

I was going to do the top ten of sim cards, which would make it the top 11 of top 10’s. When in the UK just get a free one from GiffGaff.

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