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Today is the first day of Autumn, here in Thailand it’s just another monsoon day, in fact it has rained everyday so far. So sit back, relax and enjoy your autumn equinox. I would recommend, Weather permitting to go into the British countryside and enjoy the official end of summer. Autumn is a good time to take stock and plan for the future, after all Christmas is just around the corner. I will be taking stock today too, mainly because it’s chucking it down plus I have a very busy itinerary ahead.

I am listening to the Jason Manford podcast, sat on my bed in La Chambre after drinking a bottle of Chang beer. I remember when I was in Lanzarote some people would complain that their room hadn’t been cleaned daily, here it’s weekly so as you can imagine my bin is full. Over the past week, I’ve had an ant colony wander through my room, this morning, a small lizard walked under the door and I have a beetle death match going on under a coffee cup next to the bathroom. A couple of nights ago I heard a weird noise and on investigation a rather large beetle had found its way into my room. I’m not a fan of killing visiting insects but I was tired so put an upturned plastic take away coffee cup over my visitor. I obviously forgot about it until another beetle turned up, so now there’s 2 beetles under the cup. Earlier today I had a look under the cup and they were both just stationary next to each other.

I imagined them reacting just like a couple of people in bed who were fast asleep and someone switched the big light on. Except by the time they realised they could escape the cup went back down. So now I have 2 beetles asleep next to the bathroom door.

The weather in Koh Lanta, Thailand has been, well normal, as it’s monsoon season. I’ve managed to get a lot done optimising my website, playing with different plugins which crashed the site and then I spent a few hours fixing it. I have managed to update my Google Webmaster skills and now have a lot more tools to work with. I spent an hour looking through my Google analytics and most views come from the UK on Tuesday at 7pm. However no one seems to stick around for long, so feel free to drop me a comment on what content you’d like to see and please subscribe and share. The website it’s optimised for mobile devices and will now load faster. If you have any problems let me know so I can tweak it further. I also applied for Google Adsense, as I need to look at every opportunity for an income stream. I will be starting my first free pdf book for you to download this month and hopefully that will be available for Christmas,

Today I learnt that Google have launched a new trip app which looks awesome. GoPro launched the Karma Drone and as long as it includes the camera I’ll be buying one before I leave Asia. I have put a schedule together for my YouTube channel and now have different playlists for people to tune into. I have downloaded Periscope so will be doing some live streaming throughout the rest of the adventure. I have Instagram ready to go and will be posting more photos and video over there. Facebook now has a video channel and to cover all those bases I’m looking into a regular live Facebook spot. Twitter announced today that images and video will no longer count towards those 140 characters too.

I was stressed today because my Australian Visa was approved but after looking at my finances and researching accommodation and the cost of food. Australia is on hold, until at least I have some income coming in.

So that was a big intro. Oops! Sorry about that.

Today’s post is my crazy itinerary, I have seen on YouTube, creators which just offers a tease of the next destination. I have viewed hundreds of videos of people who quit their jobs to travel but most of those channels are of people a lot younger than me partying and bungee jumping. The Adventure at Fifty mission I’m on is a little different, although I do appreciate all the tips those other channels offer.

The Mystery Tour which is the 2nd stage of Adventure at Fifty is aimed at an audience which, want to travel or enjoy traveling on a budget. The audience will probably be in a position where their life / work balance is tipped too far over to work. I don’t want to produce a ‘how to video’ but want to record what I get up to and where I travel, then viewers can take what they want from the different videos, cafeteria style.

I have a small, safety net but need to start earning something soon and happy to put my hands to anything. I digress!

So I started in the UK on August 14th and cycled 1000 km to Amsterdam from there I boarded an Emirates flight to Bangkok via Dubai.  The first 3 days were in Bangkok with 1 night sleeping in the airport, I jumped on a train and came to Koh Lanta and it’s basically just rained. My next move is a bold one I’m heading to Krabi for a few days before flying to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I have booked a stay with Zobran Apel in Jalan Gurney in my very first Airbnb. I’m really looking forward to this as Kuala Lumpur has so much to offer and I’m hoping Jalan can give me some pointers on how to enjoy the city, on a budget.

I then have 2 weeks to roam Malaysia, I’m heading to Butterworth, Penang by train and I’ll explore the Penang State visiting George Town and the surrounding area. I have to get back to Kuala Lumpur airport by the 16th October to fly to Jakarta.

Jakarta isn’t a tourist destination but will be my 2nd Airbnb, although my Airbnb is only for 3 days I’m in Jakarta until the 24th October. I then fly back to Kuala Lumpur to stay in Chinatown for 8 days in my 3rd Airbnb.

November 2nd will be Kuala Lumpur to Khon Kaen in North Thailand via Bangkok and that’s where I have nearly the whole month to see as much of Northern Thailand as I can before catching a train back to Bangkok for my flight to Amsterdam on November 30th at 02:00. So I must remember to get there on the 29th Nov so I don’t miss the flight.

Join me on this amazing adventure!

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