Top Ten Tech Things To Do On New Year’s Day.

New Year Cleaning

Start The New Year With A Fresh Start

Backup Everything

It will happen at the most inconvenient time and place but you will lose all your data. Whether it is caused by malware or just something as simple as dropping your device. Backing up your data is critical nowadays.

Ensure you backup all your devices to both a hard drive and cloud storage. At least backup to cloud storage as if you have a fire or flood then all your data will still be available. Services like Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft’s Onedrive are all good choices but there are dedicated backup service out there too.

Factory Resets your devices

There’s nothing like a fresh install of any operating system you get all that speed back from when your device was new. (unless it’s an Apple but we don’t do Apple here) It may take anything from an hour to most of the day but everything will feel fresh and new again. Ensure you backup your device first before resetting everything. Also switch off the auto reinstallation of apps before you do this and that way you can install the apps you only really use, saving space on your device.

Change All  The Passwords

This is a perfect time to ensure all your online accounts are secure and all your passwords are different. You won’t have to remember all those passwords though, just use a password manager like LastPass. This makes passwords easy as you only have to remember one.

Setup Two Factor Authentication on all your accounts

Improve security further by setting up 2FA or two factor authentication. There are a few methods but the most popular and easiest is to have an SMS code sent to your phone. That way if someone is trying to get into your accounts they also need access to your phone.

Run virus & malware Scans

Start the year with a clean and safe slate by making sure your devices aren’t infected with malware or a virus. Setting up an app like malwarebytes means you can be safe the whole year.

Clearout your email inbox, Inbox Zero

Spam, unwanted subscriptions, adverts disguised as messages clog up your inbox. Make this year more productive by clearing out all the junk. As you get emails throughout January then choose whether to send them to the spam folder or just unsubscribe.

Change your ISP

You can get a better faster deal with even your own ISP so search around for a better deal and then call your ISP and ask them to match it. If they refuse or are unable to, now is the time to switch.

Setup a VPN, Virtual Private Network.

Privacy is on everyone’s minds these days and an easy way to protect it is to use a VPN service. Ensure you do your research as some Virtual Private Network companies sell your data to pay for your free VPN which completely defeats the point of a VPN. Unless you just want to avoid people spying on you on public Wi-Fi, go for a paid service.

Delete old accounts / permissions

I bet you have hundreds of unused accounts, MySpace for example well it is a good time of year to delete old and unused accounts. These unused accounts are usually more vulnerable to hackers, so getting rid of them is a security measure as well.

Have you ever used the “Login with Facebook” option on an app, well if you no longer use the app it could still be gathering information about you. The website my is a good place to start to delete these old permissions.