Italy Here I Come

ItalyBorder e1415623390785 - Italy Here I Come

I woke to see the petrol stations lights come on and the sky was lighter. I fell asleep again until it was daylight but cloudy, the petrol station opens at 6:00 and I got up at 7:00 and packed everything away. I walked across the road to the mirgas 24 hr station, I had some Swiss francs left so I thought I would buy a coffee and spend them. After all the expense of Switzerland I had to laugh when I found out the coffee at mirgas is free.

Around The Lake


After a four-hour detour around lake Luzern, I had a look around the station and checked the map. This time I headed along the other side of the lake. I stopped outside the Luzern stadium and bought a very expensive bottle of pop, I asked for a coke at first and the server gave me a generic brand I told her I wanted coke a cola and she told me it was Swiss coke.