Swiss Valleys

SwissLake - Swiss Valleys

I’m absolutely exhausted and lost! I’ve stopped at a restaurant with a breathtaking view and prices to match. I’ve given up caring, the past three hours have been all up hill. I’m going to eat, drink and recharge my batteries and I’ve spotted a plug socket so will charge my tablet too. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if there is 1 x plug socket on the bill as I’m in Switzerland. The restaurant is called Traumli at first glance I thought it said trauma and it’s the first food outlet I’ve seen since 10:00 it’s now 14:00. The restaurant was busy, well outside anyway I pushed my bike around the building to be able to get it up on the patio. I picked a table but moved when a spot near the plug socket became available.

I asked what the special was, the waitress spoke good English and took my order, a beer, gnocchi with carbonara followed by a coffee.


This morning started out very pleasant, I was woken from a very deep sleep by the sound of church bells which seemed to echo along the valley and across the lake. I thought that someone should really synchronise the church clocks. I lay in my sleeping bag although a bit tangled until 07:30, drifting off then when a church bell rang which was every fifteen minutes waking up suddenly. I could even hear the cows eating as they all had bells on. I packed everything in the tent away then hit the shower block, I should’ve taken my GoPro as there was a vending machine in the gents selling condoms and a Travel Pussy, perhaps they are for lonely travellers and I would love to see how they work but didn’t have the 5 franc coin needed. If I did, of course I would have bought one.

Heading back to the tent I looked inside one of the electricity hook up boxes and could have kicked myself as they had normal plugs in. I could easily have charged all my gadgets overnight, so I plugged my tablet in until I packed the tent away. I said goodbye to my new motor home buddies who I met the day before and headed toward Altdorf or so I thought. When I cycled to the campsite I was convinced I passed a coop supermarket, on the way out I didn’t see it. I did stop at a bakery for coffee but the machine had no water in it, so I carried on to the main road and found cycle route 3. I came across a steam boat pier which had an amazing bakery opposite so I grabbed a pastry and coffee and sat on a wall watched the ferry come in. I saw people disembark and then board, the ferry was heading to the end of the lake, so was I but it would take me a lot longer to get there. I actually know where I went wrong as the sign for route 3 pointed left, into the lake. I cycled down a ramp towards another ferry pier but it wasn’t due for another 2 hours so decided to continue on the road along the water’s edge.


I was heading to Emmetten which was so high up a paragliding company has set up business just outside of town and for 109 francs you can descend under a parachute for 15 minutes back down to the lake. Emmetten 1028m to 1578m above sea level and what I thought would be a simple right turn to Altdorf, but no, there was a mountain in the way. I looked at the time-table on a bus stop and the buses go from Emmetten to Seelisberg then onto Brannon which is on the road to Altdorf. I cycled, pushed and coasted until 14:00 hrs when I came across the Traumli restaurant.


I’m sure the navigation app just lies on purpose to get me to do stupid things. I followed the directions given, I even checked on a map, it looked okay, so I set off south. The road was smooth tarmac and mainly down hill, I stopped near a wooden cable way station, it was really small and was just above a green lake, the cable went high up into the Alps. The views of the green meadows and high mountains was fantastic, I got my camera out and took some photos. After I had rested and enjoyed the views I coasted down a wonderful road that went on for miles only it was a dead-end. There was a Swiss cottage and next to it a gravel path and a yellow sign with a black image of a walking man, so it had a footpath. I thought I could just push the bike instead of ride it, at this point I thought I heard an evil laugh from the woman on the navigation app but I ignored her.