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I watched the sun reflecting on the Atlantic ocean today, each wave reflected the sunlight slightly differentlywpid-tide.jpg

Planning has changed direction as it has been difficult to get online to research my visa options. I must admit that I’ve been reading stories from other travellers and when I do get online I have downloaded blogs from the many people who are already enjoying life on the road. I’m getting more excited by the day and I will soon be joining them.

Of course on any long journey and certainly one taken alone raises family concerns and worries come to the surface. The uncertainty of the journey is one of its biggest features and what makes a long journey exciting, I will meet new people and see different cultures but there is always the question of safety.

I have looked into a spot Gen3 tracker as my means of notifying my family, friends and followers of my whereabouts. The same device can be used to send pre determined messages which of course can be changed when I have an internet connection. It can be used to raise the alarm if I get into difficulty and even call for the emergency rescue services if required.

The downside of course is the price, it will be almost £300 by the time I’ve purchased the unit and the subscribed to the basic plan and then I have to add the insurance to cover any rescue attempt as helicopters and medics don’t come cheap in the wilderness.

I have managed to program my Android phone to track my location and share the information at pre determined intervals but that requires a mobile phone signal and a carrier. I ordered a Hutchison 3 pay as you go sim card to experiment with and although there is a good data plan it is only available throughout Europe. The cost of the data plan will be £240 a year, were as the Spot Gen 3 basic plan is only €122 making the Spot Gen 3 a more affordable option. It also includes the ability to work outside cell phone coverage as it operates via the gps satellite system. I will still need a mobile data plan but will most likely purchase local sim cards along my route.

A couple of weeks ago whilst on one of my walking tours I caught a kerb incorrectly and sprained my right calf. This was horrendously painful, I rested it as much as possible but as my job involves walking I had to put on a brave face and continue. Luckily the customers in the hotel at the time were caring and thoughtful and helped me in every way possible. The good news is although I’m still limping the pain has gone and I’m looking forward to getting on the bike to start some serious training.

I’m also eternally grateful to those people who have offered help and donations towards this journey. I have been offered accommodation along my route in the UK, Turkey, Bulgaria (now a detour), Italy, Australia and New Zealand. Everyone has offered moral support and a kind word, in fact I am sure I will have a few more followers of this blog and know many will be tracking my progress.

The website is a little messy at the moment but I plan to add a page so you can follow my progress on a map as well and more information about the documentary and the charity. I’m off back to the hotel now for my photography session, that’s another item I can’t decided whether to take my DSLR or just use my phone.


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