Sleeping in a Car Wash!

Car Wash

Sleeping in a Car Wash!

I could see lightning in the distance and hear the thunder, it was already raining and I had a feeling the weather was going to get worse. I was on the main road heading out-of-town when the lightning was directly above me and the thunder was really loud, up ahead I could see the lights of a petrol station and knew I would have to take shelter,  as I approached the wind picked up and it started to rain heavily.

I pulled into what was an automatic petrol station with no staff, it had a jet wash bay which was covered so I sheltered there. I watched the rain bouncing off the floor for at least 30 mins I even got my ground sheet out to wrap around me as I was cold. Another 30 mins past and the rain kept coming down, as it was midnight I decided just to sleep against the wall in the jet wash. I got my sleeping mat and sleeping bag out, lay my bike on its side and curled up under the ground sheet. I had a terrible nights sleep mainly because I could be seen by anyone entering the petrol station. I did nod off but only slept for an hour or so. I packed up about 06:30 as I was freezing. I rode to Asse which should be renamed Ass because everything was closed and I couldn’t get any food.

I followed a cycle path which led me to a farm where a noisy dog started to chase me, I wasn’t in the mood and shouted at the dog which made it worse, so I ended up turning back. I stopped at a farm gate and decided to get my stove out to make coffee and porridge, luckily I managed to eat it and start to pack everything away before it pissed it down. I just pulled my ground sheet over my head until it stopped. I loaded the bike and noticed the chain had come off, so took all my gear off to fix it.

I had set my navigation App to local roads which is proving to take too long and I was about to pay the price.

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