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  • 10 Days to #Adventure50
    All of a sudden this is getting very real, I have spent the last few days having appointments with consultants, doctors and nurses to check that my back will be okay on my journey and to book my vaccinations and discuss things like malaria tablets etc.
  • Press Release
    John will travel from Blackpool to London, from London he will re-trace the route taken in 1984 by Anne Mustoe. This route will take him through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Turkey then due to recent visa restrictions in Iran he will have to take a 2500km detour through Georgia, Azerbaijan across the Caspian sea to Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan and into China where he will head to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.
  • Bikes and Trains.
    Quite surprisingly the journey to London was pleasant, I chatted to someone on his way to a job interview at guide dogs for the blind who had backpacked through Africa and I listened in on other people's conversations to pass the time. I had the only bike on the train that day but it seems not many people take their bikes on such a long train journey, which was all the better for me.
  • 5:30am Alarm
    I woke at 02:00 to the sound of heavy rain, I had set my alarm for 05:30 as I wanted to get close to Canterbury so I could have a look round tomorrow before it got busy, but as it was pouring down I reset the alarm for 08:30 only to wake at 05:00 so decided to just get up.
  • What goes up gets to free wheel down.
    Once again I took a wrong turn and ended up in Chatham with its steep hills and sat under an advertising hoarding in the shade, Rainham flew by, then disaster struck as my pannier got jammed in the spokes as I was going across a set of lights, stopping my back wheel, but not before tearing the back of the pannier.
  • Mud Glorious Mud
    I was woken around 11pm with rain hitting my face, thunder and lightning in the distance so I grabbed the tarp and covered myself up to keep dry. This proved to be difficult, as I was on a slight incline and I must have slid down when I was asleep so the bottom of the bivi bag was sticking out in the rain, also the tarp was touching my face and gathering pools of water on the outside so I was kept awake by the constant need to lift the tarp up to get rid of the build up of water.
  • France a Breeze (well gale)
    Entering country No:2 was a breeze, I had dried off enough to be comfortable and although it was very windy rode off the ferry and out of the port. I then had to push the bike all the way to the railway station to meet mum.
  • Saint Omer
    I cycle to the station and not wanting to have my bike and belongings stolen by the thousands of people waiting around the station, I took my bike into the ticket office and bought a one way ticket to Saint Omer via a healthy workout of the stairs of death!
  • Going Solo
    Mum knocked on my door at 05:30 she was anxious about the rest of my journey and hers, she decided to get the train to Calais and the ferry to the UK and was setting off early. We said our goodbye's and that was it, I'm on my own.
  • Lille and the Roundabout
    By 10:00 this morning it was 23 degrees and sunny, I arrived in Lille town square at 19:18 with no clouds in the sky and the sun was setting, although a little breezy it was pleasant. I wandered the square looking for a place to put my bike and get a coffee,
  • Nico the Bus Driver
    I cycled for about an hour and a half before arriving at Kerk in Spiere just after the Belgium border, not that you notice borders in Europe, apparently they have an arrangement
  • Sleeping in a Car Wash!
    I could see lightning in the distance and hear the thunder, it was already raining and I had a feeling the weather was going to get worse. I was on the main road heading out-of-town when the lightning was directly above me and the thunder was really loud, up ahead I could see the lights of a petrol station and knew I would have to take shelter,  as I approached the wind picked up and it started to rain heavily.
  • Continue Straight On!
    But it's a corn field, now I knew the navigation App was set to keep me off busy roads and aim for cycle paths but a corn field, okay there was a path and it had bike tracks on, so perhaps it was a short cut (by the way if a short cut is shorter why isn't it just they way). What happened over the next 2 hours was going to be one of those life lessons.
  • Belgium Waffles
    Once I had escaped the grips of the forest I headed into Brussels town, my aim was to get to see the atomium. I popped into a bus shelter to look at the map and figure the route out, it turns out I was very close and after a short incline it was down hill most of the way.
  • Sore Ribs
    The weather outside the tent was windy in the early hours with some showers, I got up at 09:00 and went to the shower block to freshen up and hoped a hot shower would relive the aches and pains.
  • River Meuse
    Namur! What a difference and a breath of fresh air, lifts, a lovely modern station and a very nice town. I managed to take my bike in a glass lift from the platform to the concourse, had a look round and then squeezed into a smaller glass lift to the street, very pleasant.
  • The Road to Arlon
    I pushed the bike uphill for at least an hour then had to stop for a rest, the birds were singing the sun was shining and I was feeling positive, especially as the sun was out at last.
  • Lost Track of Time
    If you were to ask me what day it was I couldn't tell you, in fact there have been a few times I have had to check the calendar. This is the first day I have woken up with no rain, there's dew on the fly sheet but as soon as the sun came round it evaporated
  • The Picnic Bench
    When in a very dark, massive forest on your own late at night, lots of things go through your head, like this would be ideal for an axe wielding maniac to jump out from behind a tree and kill me.
  • Donkeys Everywhere
    I headed up the hill pushing the bike out of Leglise and for the next mile there were donkeys in the fields on both sides of the road. I had to laugh as they came from the far side of the field and walked with me, there were five of them on one-sided and three on the other, when I stopped, they stopped.
  • New Legs Please!
    I'm in Anlier 20km from Arlon, sat in a wooden bus shelter. Today my legs don't want to work, they ache like hell.
  • Days Off
    On my first day off I intended to plan my next steps, being male this resulted in very little other than pondering my options with a beer. I could go from Luxembourg into Germany as suggested by Andre back at Roubiax, then Switzerland or France, Switzerland.
  • A Taxi Would be Cheaper
    I locked my bike to a post outside the railway station, not that it would secure any of my belongings, there were some strange-looking characters hanging around the station.
  • Lazy Sunday
    I've stopped at a bus shelter 12 km outside of Roussy, France. What a leisurely morning, lots of water on the tent this morning but apart from that a lovely Sunny day.
  • Metz
    I slept really well although I woke at 03:00 and had looked up Metz on Google, I got up at 07:00 and thought it would be a shame not to explore Metz whilst I was here, so I booked another night and left my power monkey battery pack at the campsite office to charge and went off on foot to explore.
  • Square Wheel & Homeless
    Cycling has becoming a lot easier, I'm getting used to the weight and I have it set up so I'm comfortable, well as comfortable as you can be on a bicycle.
  • Achy And Grumpy
    This morning I was in Dabo it turns out I had cycled and pushed up to 650m above sea level, I was achy and grumpy.
  • A New Bike
    The cost to repair my bike was almost the price of a new one, so I decided just to pick up another bike, At first I couldn't decide which bike to buy but I opted for the BTWin for a couple of reasons it was cheap and had rigid forks.
  • Molsheim
    Being 600 miles away from the place you normally call home makes you think! I'm sat in a hammock in pitch No:64 at Camping De Molsheim, the sun is blazing, it's about 11:30 or 12:30, who knows.
  • LA Route Des Vins D Alsace
    I somehow managed to find the EUROVELO 5 and follow it, the route was excellent, I spent hours cycling through the wine region, with the main road in the distance and as I was high on the side of a hill, I could see for miles.
  • Sophie
    I turned right at the junction and followed the road for 500m I past a small school and maybe half a dozen cottages. The area was quite and it was just before four o'clock on a Sunday afternoon when I rode into St Martins camp ground, it was almost like a small graveyard were all the graves had been removed.
  • Alsace and Turkheim
    Today was uneventful, I spent most of it thinking about Sophie. I coasted along the Eurovelo 5 wine route, it was fairly flat and I only had a bit of a problem when I selected the wrong gear.
  • Following the Grapes
    The wine route is proving to be very easy and excellent scenery. I came across a Lidl supermarket in the middle of nowhere. I stocked up on provisions I bought a ham and cheese sandwich which was extremely dry, a tin of casserole for my tea and some cereal bars, which I could have for breakfast with my coffee
  • Thann – Switzerland
    It's 15:45 hrs. and I'm sat in a bus stop at Vieux-Thann 35 miles away from Basel, Switzerland, I set off this morning at 11:35 hrs. and managed to follow the Eurovelo 5 route all the way.
  • Switzerland
    In the morning there was a lot of dew on the ground, I suspect being so close to the edge of the Rhine had something to do with it. I lay in my sleeping bag until 08:00 and then started my day
  • Free Tram, Eerie Forest
    I couldn't figure out the ticket machine which was sat on the platform. I did try, in fact I missed a tram because I was looking at the screen and pushing buttons.
  • Campingstrasse Seeblick
    It was late when I arrived at camping seeblick on the banks of lake Hallwilersee. I cycled into the entrance and up to the office, the lights were off and it was most definitely closed
  • Around The Lake
    After a four-hour detour around lake Luzern, I had a look around the station and checked the map. This time I headed along the other side of the lake. I stopped outside the Luzern stadium and bought a very expensive bottle of pop, I asked for a coke at first and the server gave me a generic brand I told her I wanted coke a cola and she told me it was Swiss coke.
  • Swiss Valleys
    I'm absolutely exhausted and lost! I've stopped at a restaurant with a breathtaking view and prices to match. I've given up caring, the past three hours have been all up hill. I'm going to eat, drink and recharge my batteries and I've spotted a plug socket so will charge my tablet too.
  • 1000 Stone Steps
    The views are always spectacular but getting from A to B can sometimes be a little difficult. I was 1472m above sea level and about to descend to 436m via an awful lot of steps.
  • Amsteg and the Alps
    I arrived in Amsteg at 07:39 it was cold and dull, school children were waiting for buses and people were heading to work. The village was 510 m above sea level but was in a valley which didn't seem like it would get much sun, the mountains were steep on each side with snow on top.
  • Italy in my Sights
    I had a great sleep in the hammock after my big lunch, I got my gadgets together and headed for the games room. There's always plug sockets in a games room, so I can charge everything up and plan the next step.
  • Italy Here I Come
    I woke to see the petrol stations lights come on and the sky was lighter. I fell asleep again until it was daylight but cloudy, the petrol station opens at 6:00 and I got up at 7:00 and packed everything away. I walked across the road to the mirgas 24 hr station, I had some Swiss francs left so I thought I would buy a coffee and spend them. After all the expense of Switzerland I had to laugh when I found out the coffee at mirgas is free.
  • The Worst Night
    So here I am, lying in a hammock in a wooded area next to a truck stop. I was comfy and warm, I had managed to get a few hours sleep but now the fun would start!
  • Beautiful Italy
    I was freezing, wet and at most had slept for a couple of hours on the trim trail, I hadn't shaved in three days, my arse ached from the cycling and now I was setting off in the dark just to get warm.
  • Heading East
    I headed east out of Milan, I had a map and stopped on a regular basis to check my bearings. I came across what must have been the old quarter as all the buildings were dramatic and old.
  • Calcio
    When I arrived on the outskirts of Calcio it was after 18:00 and I needed to find somewhere to sleep. I had read on the internet that wild camping in Italy is illegal, however in Switzerland it isn't, so I was kicking myself that I had paid for camping whilst crossing Switzerland.
  • Visiting Calcio’s Church
    Following the Fiesta of the White Knight and the wonderful hospitality of the Belotti family, I woke early but refreshed. I went to cleanup and when I returned to the lounge everyone was up.
  • 2015
    I contemplated about writing a blog at New Year and thought long and hard about what I would talk about? Do I reflect on the previous year or do I focus on the New Year and what I want to get out of it.
  • Heading To Lake Garda
    I followed the SP11 again but ended up on a motorway slip road, another cyclist had passed me earlier and I didn't see him turn off, so had to backtrack. I stopped for coffee and a Panini and planned another route to get to the SP4. The SP4 was an easy road, reasonably flat with great scenery.
  • Bardolino
    The campsite is situated right on the water's edge, I however had to set up camp at the back on a mound of grass, although it was at the back of the campsite it was higher up than the caravans which dominated the rest of the site the view was excellent.
  • Verona
    I followed th SR249, SP31, SP29, SP5 and the SR11 these roads were magnificent.I had cycled for 2 hours and came across a sign for Auchran a supermarket chain I had become familiar with.
  • Verona part II
    . It was a small stone patio with a few small round metal tables, chairs, a cooking area and a couple of outdoor sinks. The weather had been blistering hot all day and there was going to be a beautiful sunset.
  • Passing Time
    I was to spend the days before my return in Verona and Calcio, I had the intention of visiting Padua as this had come highly recommended by Simona before leaving Lake Garda. I unfortunately got side tracked by food, I called into a little cafe on the straight road to the train station and had some lunch, followed by a stroll and a waffle stop.
  • Farewells
    I was in Calcio only a couple of weeks earlier and had experienced the best part of my whole adventure. Throughout the past six weeks I had met lots of people, cycled over 1500 miles and had gotten myself lost on many occasions.
  • #MicroAdventure
    A normal day can turn into a great adventure when you cycle to a volcano and then sleep on it for a night under the stars.
  • #microadventure Blip
    I managed to grab a siesta for a couple of hours on Friday before loading the bike, grabbing some snacks and heading towards my camping spot for the night. It was very windy outside and I had to pedal downhill to keep moving but within ten minutes of setting off I hit a speed bump badly and came off my bike.
  • #microadventure blue moon
    I couldn't resist an unusual astronomical event, it was going to be a blue moon. I had heard the expression before but did not know the meaning behind it but now I do. A blue moon is the terminology given to a second full moon in the same month.
  • Preparing For The Next Attempt
    I'm following in the footsteps of adventures who have gone before me and no doubt others who will continue after me. I know I could just read a book or search Google to discover what others have done but I must see it for myself.
  • Compulsory Christmas Post
    Do you have a Google account maybe you have a Gmail account, some people like myself are Google advocates and use Google for almost everything online.
  • The Bit In The Middle
    Today starts with a coffee outside of Damien's artesian patisserie, there is a Damien's opposite the hotel were I work but this one is at the other side of town. I'm here to meet up with my Mum who has flown out for the Christmas holidays.
  • The Airbnb Experience
    I need to start this post with a little disclaimer, I'm a newbie when it comes to Airbnb I have used the app five times and booked five places to stay over the past sixty days. What follows is my experience with using this service, some suggestions and my tips for you on using Airbnb.
  • Spot Gen3 or Mobile Phone
    I have looked into a spot Gen3 tracker as my means of notifying my family, friends and followers of my whereabouts. The same device can be used to send pre determined messages which of course can be changed when I have an internet connection.
  • Touring Bikes And Then Some.
    There is a category of bicycles that looks familiar to road bikes but are in a class of their own and that my friend is the Touring Bicycle. Only problem for me is they are too expensive, even the cheap ones.
  • Loris Tapas Bar
    Sitting upstairs in Loris Tapas bar Teguise on a sunny Sunday is just an ideal way to relax and let the weeks stresses and strains drift away.
  • My Travel Apps
    So apart from writing the blog in Evernote this blog is going to be about the apps I use and why I use them, I'm also hoping that from this blog I can narrow down the amount of apps I use to a small selection which can fulfill my travelling needs.
  • Spot Gen3 or Tasker
    In 6 months I set off on my epic adventure, I finally get to continue my Adventure at Fifty project I started 2 years ago.
  • 50 Things I Have Learnt On This Journey
    Random bits of information I've picked up from my travels.
  • Email to my Sister
    That's a bit embarrassing, I got my tablet out of my bag to email you and knocked my coffee over. Hello from Stormy, Rainy, Monsoon Thailand. Do you think I came at the wrong time of year, it might explain why the flights are cheap.
  • Thailand Journey and Tips.
    So you're thinking of coming to Asia, specifically Thailand well this blog post is for you, okay before we get going and into the nitty gritty let me tell you
  • Thailand Journey And Tips Part Two
    Thailand is an amazing, friendly and very inexpensive country to visit and I believe a little knowledge goes a long way. If you haven't read Thailand Journey And Tips Part 1 then it might be a good idea to start there as well as offering you tips to make your visit to Thailand easier I am recalling my experiences from my current visit.
  • Thailand Journey and Tips Part 3 Apps
    Today's blog will contain some more tips and useful information about traveling to Thailand. Please read Thailand Journey And Tips Part One and Thailand Journey And Tips Part Two.
  • The First Day of Autumn
    Today is the first day of Autumn, here in Thailand it's just another monsoon day, in fact it has rained everyday so far. So sit back, relax and enjoy your autumn equinox.
  • How Do You Finance Your Travels?
    It took turning fifty to realise you have to just do it or as the new trendy saying goes just ‘jump’ I mean what is the worst that can happen. Deep down you know that even if you work really hard in your chosen career you'll always get paid just enough not to leave but never enough to live your dreams.
  • How To Really Finance Your Travels.
    Once you have your finances in order you jump on a plane and away you go. Stop! After watching hundreds of YouTube videos about people who travel the globe and earn money to travel the globe, I thought this is easy, off I go.
  • Take The Stress Out of Flight Delays
    Flight delays of any length are extremely frustrating and following a recent 11 hour delay I was involved in.
  • I Survived 19 Hours in Krabi Airport, Thailand.
    I was traveling around Asia and had just been on Koh Lanta for 10 days and it rained everyday so I decided to cut my losses and move on.
  • Kuala Lumpur My 1st Aibnb
    Arriving in Kuala Lumpur was exciting and walking the 200 miles from the aircraft to immigration I had a big grin on my face.
  • Things To Do For Free In Penang, Malaysia.
    There is so much to do and see here that I decided to stay longer, I have a flight from Kuala Lumpur international on the 16th to Jakarta but for now I will explore what Penang has to offer.
  • Shopping Malls and Plastic Bags
    Penang is sometimes a bit overwhelming, take today. I decided to have a lazy morning, mainly because I spent most of the night searching for the mouse in my room. I woke to a rustling noise and saw it jump out of the rubbish basket and scurry under the bed.
  • The Mystery Tour – Dirty Cash
    Throughout my travels I have picked up lots of tips and good advice, as well as some bad advice. I have overspent, under planned and been sucked into scams. So here's how you can travel with less hassle. What follows is tips and tricks I have learnt from my recent journey visiting Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • What I do after the Shutter is Released
    Photography is subjective and an image captured at dusk with views over snow capped mountains is not everyone's preference. I tend to have different projects on the go at the same time, this week for example is Graffiti and signs. This doesn't mean that I stop taking other subjects I just focus more on my chosen genre.
  • George Town, Malaysia Tips and Tricks
    There are a few things that you need to know to ensure you have a relaxing and enjoyable stay on the island of Penang.
  • Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur 2
    I had not visit Malaysia before but had heard great things about its multicultural society and its vast beautiful vistas. I have only Explored a tiny amount of this country but learnt more here than anywhere else in the world. Arriving at Kuala Lumpur airport for the first time was daunting for the second exciting, this city has a lot to offer the traveler and today I'm going to attempt to do it justice.
  • Gear Review of the New Jara 2 Sleeping Bag
    There are times when I have to bed down in unusual places and I may have to move on quickly, the foot box means I can get in the Jura 2 on damp ground and leave my boots on if necessary. So the results were a comfy warm nights sleep, however I still need to come up with a solution for my feet as at 6 am they were freezing.
  • Top Ten Of Top 10’s Are All Over The Internet
    Sometimes though the website is just a cover for an advertisement. I have therefore decided to write this article, Top 10 of Top 10's because at the moment the internet is full of them!
  • Day trip To Santiago Cape Verde
    It's 06:00 hrs. The sun is still below the horizon but the birds are waking up. There is a slight breeze and the trees are stretching and yawning. The temperature is cool but I already know it's going to be hot and sunny. I'm guessing around 30 degrees with few clouds.
  • Jeep Tour And My First Podcast
    Today I'm off on the half day island jeep tour and I'm taking my Zoom audio recorder. The plan is to have a throughly good time and record my first podcast.
  • Sal, Cape Verde.The Arrival.
    A tropical island with a diverse culture, white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and beautiful blue skies. Mix that with the islands motto of no stress and it makes Sal, Cape Verde the perfect destination.
  • Sal Secrets Santa Maria
    The only way to be able to write as much as possible about the island of Sal is to break it down into smaller chunks. This article will be about Santa Maria the village on the south coast which most of the tourists will visit. Santa Maria is family friendly and colourful. Think laid back Caribbean vibe meets Africa.
  • Things Not To Be Missed In Santa Maria, Cape Verde
    The heart of the South coast is the town of Santa Maria with it's cobbled streets and colourful buildings. A walk around Santa Maria is a must, so here are some useful tips.
  • When Sickness Strikes
    There is also a huge population of mosquitos here and although no local reporting of the Zika virus in the news, it is here. Then there's the possibility of other infections transmitted by mosquitos. After all if someone with a virus is bitten by a mosquito and then it moves on to its next victim. Who knows? I hate being ill not only does it spoil my day but it throws my schedule off too. I Have no idea what has caused it and when it'll go away. It started with stomach cramps that felt like I had been kicked and then the Deli Belly.
  • The Start of a Wonderful Journey.
    Today is completely different I have a healthy bank account and can choose what I do and where I go. I spend less as I ask myself what value is an item going to give back to me. This is probably the best position I have ever been in. 12 years ago I owed thousands  and worked just to pay back debt.
  • Getting Rid of the Monster
    I mentally pictured each area I was going to declutter, wardrobe, under the bed and the store-room with the tools in. All these areas had items I no longer used or was unlikely to use. On that aircraft I drifted into a thoughtful sleep my dream was for a more meaningful life with less stuff.
  • 53 Years for What?
    All this de-cluttering is proving to be quite fruitful, for the local charity shop anyway. I have started slowly and have set a challenge of at least one item or one group of items everyday. One thing that has surprised me apart from the amount of crap I own is that it doesn't take much time.
  • Advice for Travelling to Lanzarote
    I had worked in the Canary Islands for 5 years, mainly on the Island of Lanzarote. The island of Lanzarote is my favourite so it's only fitting I write a blog post or two. Luckily when working in Lanzarote I developed a website called Everything-Lanzarote. I shut down the site not long after I left, however kept the information.
  • The Best Way to Explore Arrecife, Lanzarote’s Capital
    Arrecife is the administrative and commercial area of the island, with modern buildings and shop lined streets. Modern life has not stopped it from conserving the character and style of the colonial fishing village it once was. You appreciated the history when walking through the towns tree lined streets with white houses. Charco de San Ginés, the natural lagoon in the old town with the fishing boats tied up and men repairing their nets.
  • Secrets of Lanzarote’s Historic Village, Teguise
    San Miguel De Teguise or Villa Teguise bears the name of the beautiful daughter of Guadafra, last king of the original inhabitants of Lanzarote, the Guanches. The Princess who married the knight who conquered the island for the crown of Castile, Jean (Maciot) De Bethencourt.
  • Lanzarote – Best Driving Tours
    Driving in Lanzarote is one of the best ways to see the island and all it has to offer. Here is the best set of driving direction you can possibly find.
  • Lanzarote – The Ultimate Guide – Essentials
    There is a lot to see and do in Lanzarote as well as something for everyone. Architecture, Volcanoes, Wine Tasting, Local Culture, History, Beaches, Sports plus lots more besides. Here is some essential information which covers markets, medical, banking and more.
  • Avoid Being A Victim on Holiday.
    Today I'm going to save you a lot of Money and Hassle, today's newsletter is all about the scams to avoid in Lanzarote or any other destination. You can now listen to the audio version of this post and from January 2018 all posts will have an audio version.
  • Why Not Have More Money
    So a little update on how this de-cluttering is going, in short slowly. I sorted out just a fraction of my stuff and placed it ready for either selling or donating. Looking back on the purchasing of some of my stuff now.
  • Completely Useless Facts To Read
    I have always been a fan of factoids, little snippets of useless information which is handy to have when a quiet moment happens. Last year I even set up a daily fact using tasker the Android automation app.
  • My Favourite One Liners
    Need some conversation one liners, here are some of my favourite ideal for the festive season.
  • How Not To Get Home From Asia
    Returning from South Asia turned out to be as big of an adventure as the whole journey, it took a total of five days and very nearly freezing to death before I arrived home.
  • Lanzarote Top Touristic Areas
    If Arrecife is the administrative and commercial centre of Lanzarote and Villa Teguise the islands historical capital, Puerto Del Carmen is undoubtably its tourist mecca.
  • Discover Nature in Kuala Lumpur Eco Park
    Situated right in the centre of the city at the base of the KL Tower is the Eco Park. A place to wander and take in an ancient forest (woodland) in this busy city.
  • Top Ten Tech Things To Do On New Year’s Day.
    New Years day can be a tad boring sometimes, so here are a few things to do.
  • Travel Tips Companies Don’t Want You To Know.
    The secret tips companies don't want you to know when booking a holiday. Save money now by reading this post.
  • Best Places To Visit in Lanzarote
    Lanzarote has so much to offer the visitor. Mirador Del Rio, Jameos Del Aqua, Green Caves, El Golfo, La Geria, Salinas Del Janubio plus lots more.
  • The Northern Railway
    Throughout the flight I kept nodding off but only got comfy at the point the pilot announced "Cabin Crew Seats for Landing" I woke up when the wheels hit the ground, now why does everyone jump up and stand in the aisle as soon as they can, they're not going to get off the aircraft any quicker.
  • Insider Secrets To Booking Flights. is basically a powerful search engine, using some very sophisticated programming and I’m sure a little bit of pixie dust.
  • Discover Timanfaya National Park In Lanzarote
    This is a national park with no endangered plants or animal species, rather it is a mineral museum in full activity.
  • Trondheim to Bodo, Norway.
    Continuing my #microadventure. Oslo was modern and efficient I wandered round the large railway station at least twice. I managed to avoid spending any money whilst waiting for my next train.
  • Insider Secrets – Booking Accommodation
    There is a huge array of options, apps, websites and tricks to finding somewhere to rest your head. Although a good nights sleep isn't always guaranteed, it is an adventure after all.
  • The Chinijo Archipelago and the island La Graciosa
    La Graciosa is an island where you can admire the spectacular landscape, get to know its people and enjoy their hospitality.
  • Insider Secrets – Avoid Baggage Fees
    I've developed a formula for packing that makes travel a lot easier and helps you become more flexible. This allows you to react to various situations and adds a whole new meaning to adventure.
  • Insider Secrets – How Good Is Your Holiday Insurance
    How often do you buy travel insurance based on nothing more than price. I think most of us, me included just leave travel insurance until the last-minute. We buy travel insurance because we have too but it shouldn't be that way.
  • Schedules, Content and More..
    Time to shift up a gear from the 2nd quarter 2018 onwards. A huge focus on Cape Verde and back into the photography. Here is an update of the new schedules and content. Less is more.
  • Where Is Cape Verde The Republic Of Cabo Verde?
    Cape Verde is made up of 10 islands, they sit, approximately 570 kilometers off the coast of Senegal in West Africa. They cover an area approximately 4000 square kilometres. The capital is Praia on the island of Santiago 14°55'N 23°31'S and they were discovered in 1460.
  • Did You Know I Am A Technology Coach
    Leadership, assistance, and mentoring in the integration of technology and communication tools. Do you want to start blogging, need a website to promote your business or maybe want to generate a passive income.
  • Riu Palace Cabo Verde – Insider Secrets
    Insider Secrets on the Riu Palace, Cape Verde. What you need to know from check in to checkout. Once you have read this then you can relax and have an amazing time.
  • What’s Missing From This Arrecife Restaurant Guide
    Lanzarote has an amazing array of restaurants and I would even do some of the best in the world. Here I start on the capital but there all over the island.
  • Tech Guru Session
    This winter I have been learning how to program Android by using the automation app called Tasker. I started by writing a simple program which when I plug headphones into my mobile phone, a menu of apps pops up, this makes selecting which music app I want easier.
  • How To Improve Privacy On Any Android Device
    I have written about security vs convenience in the past and today I am going to talk about privacy. There is an excellent analogy to privacy written by Glenn Greenwald
  • Avoid These Pitfalls When Renting A Car
    When renting a car you want the process to be easy and the car to suite your needs. Recently when visiting Gran Canaria I was put through the wringer with Goldcar.
  • A Quick Visit To Aquimes Gran Canaria
    decided to put together a rural holiday based around Gran Canarias traditional culture and it was surprisingly excellent value for money.
  • Pre-Holiday Checklist
    When it comes to travel, there is a long list of tasks that must be done before you leave home. Use this travel checklist and leave home with the peace of mind that you didn't forget to take care of something important.
  • 20 Easy Travel Hacks | The Travel Diaries
    If you've been in the travel industry as long as I have then you see a lot of things which make travel easier. Today I’m going to give you my top travel hacks from a deodorant safe to free upgrades.
  • Flight Packing Guide
    Travelling by air can be very stressful. Today’s version of air travel differs greatly from that of only a few years ago. Today, people are crammed into an ever-shrinking seat with smaller amounts of legroom and more restrictions then entering Buckingham Palace.
  • Great Ways To Save For Travel
    Saving for travel can be fun and by changing some of your habits the cash can soon mount up. Here are some great saving tips to get you started and you'll soon be relaxing on that tropical beach.
  • Avoid The Retail Tricks!
    The world of retail pricing or in fact any pricing strategy is to pull the wool over the buyers eyes and make you shell out your hard earned cash on stuff you don’t need. Bold statement but how close to the truth is it?
  • Preparing For Brexit
    Stop procrastinating and get prepared for BREXIT in a very few short weeks you may wish you had bought more beans.
  • New Year, New Me. What Does 2019 Hold.
    I pause to take stock and make plans for an uncertain future. 2018 was a hard year, will 2019 and the future be better? I am formulating plans and preparing for a tough year, hoping for the best but ensuring I can handle the worst of 2019.
  • Ultralight Tent on a Budget
    This was a question that I needed to answer, with Spring heading my way and a solo cycle tour in the planning stage it was time to sort out my gear.
  • Bike Bags and Panniers
    Bike Bags - I learnt my lesson the hard and expensive way, the cost of the two sets of panniers I bought cost more than buying Ortlieb in the first place.
  • Survival in a Cloud Up Tent
    Survival in a Cloud Up Tent - I slipped down the hill and my foot went in a small stream. The boots had failed me and I now had a wet freezing foot.
  • Jetboil Flash – Brew System
    Blistering boil times come standard on our industry-leading Flash. By modeling the combustion and selecting materials to optimize efficiency, we were able to create the fastest Jetboil ever—cutting a full minute off our best boil time.
  • Spring Planning – How I Plan A Bicycle Tour
    This year however I want to discover what Britain has to offer for the cycle tourist. Europe has some amazing cycling infrastructure but the UK doesn't take cycling seriously enough.
  • Hammock Camping is Amazing!
    The double-layered DD Travel Hammock/Bivi has a built-in mosquito net and a waterproof floor. With the webbing pre-fitted and wide 60cm spreader pole/elastic included to raise the net for a spacious interior space, the Travel Hammock is a versatile system suitable for users with any level of hammock camping experience.
  • Sleeping Bags!
    Comfortable for use in temperatures down to -5C, the DD Jura 2 Sleeping Bag is central-zipped with a waterproof footbox – designed to let you step into it on wet ground, pull it up around you and sit back into your hammock!
  • Cool Water – You Can Lead a Cyclist to Water!
    Our lightest and most versatile personal water filtration system, the Sawyer MINI weighs just 65grams, fits in the palm of your hand, and provides 0.1 micron absolute filtration — removing 99.99999% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera and E.coli, and removing 99.9999% of all protozoa (such as giardia and cryptosporidium).
  • Tarps – It’s A Cover Up!
    I used a 1.5m X 2m camo tarp for a few stealth camps but I've stuck with the DD Hammock 3m X 3m. Over the years I've used it in various configurations, enabling me to bed down almost anywhere. It's also been handy as a shelter on rainy days when I needed to repair my bike.
  • Is cheap gear worth it?
    Ultra lightweight, however, means expensive, Cuban fibre (Dyneema) currently is the most robust and lightweight material you can buy. However a 3m x 2.9m Cuban fibre tarp weighing in at only 76 grams, costs nearly £400, my current tarp is 830 grams and cost £35.
  • The Doorstep Mile – London to France
    On August 5th 2014, my 50th birthday. I set off on a 1500KM cycle tour across Europe. The bike cost me £45 and I was a little under prepared but I went anyway. I finally sat down at my editing suite and started putting together my cycle journey across Europe. I wanted a record of the 1500 KM cycle tour through 6 countries. Each Episode is 30 minutes long and the first will be posted on Sunday, March 31st and then weekly.
  • Eurovelo 5 – Belgium
    I had originally decided to follow Anne Mustoe’s route across Europe which involved following the Roman road called the via Romea Francigena.
  • Adtrek – Self Inflating Sleeping Mat
    I have always slept cold and usually wake at 3 or 4 am with cold feet and even colder inner thighs. I'm sure it's my age but I seem to need to pee about this time of day too. So I needed to solve both problems. In this post I'm going to focus on sleeping warm and comfortable, peeing is for another post.