Schedules, Content and More..

Hello Peeps!

I’m back in Cape Verde for 2018 and I am looking forward to the future, I will be very busy this year. I will be producing content across several platforms plus my 3 websites. However due to my work commitments I will only be posting monthly from now on. I do anticipate that my blog posts will be a little longer as I’m aiming for between 2K to 3K words per article. I have also been polishing my CSS design skills and not only will I be writing my own WordPress theme, plugins and widgets I will be adding a few subtle animations. Images will also take on a new look as I use CSS blends and filters to achieve an overall look. (not sure what look yet). I will split the schedule between my 3 websites so you’ll get a post roughly every 10 days.

Travel Diaries

This year will be all about my time in Cape Verde. I have decided to write an online guide-book for the island that I’ll be working and living on. Cape Verde is an up and coming destination so a good guide-book will be essential. There is a lot more to Cape Verde than first meets the eye. It has a great food and music culture as well as an amazing mix of people.


I’m reviving this website from its current status of being a demo website. I will be posting my images of Cape Verde here for all to see. I will also add a blog for photography related subjects. Instead of using Photoshop to edit the images I’ll be using CSS. Especially Una Kravets code for Instagram filters and blend modes.


I will be adding a blog content to this website and completing a redesign. There will be lots happening as I’m moving the backend to a Digital Ocean VPS droplet. This is to test for performance improvements over shared hosting. In the early days I will be running both versions of this website prior to moving over to a vps. The blog posts will be more of a reference for myself but open to anyone.

During 2017 I put a lot of effort into learning more coding. I refreshed my HTML and CSS skills followed by learning PHP. I changed my editor of choice from Atom which I find clunky to Sublime Text. This year I will practice my coding skills and start to learn JavaScript. I will write articles about each phase I’m at starting with setting up the Digital Ocean Droplet and installing WordPress. I’m looking forward to creating my own WordPress theme and learning more about how WordPress works in the back ground. Gutenberg is about to arrive in 2018 which is the WordPress new text editor which is actually a lot more than a text editor. WordPress is about to make a giant leap into the realms of block editing. This will enable clients to manage or even build their own site.

All this whilst holding down a full-time job, will there be enough hours in the day?