What’s Missing From This Arrecife Restaurant Guide

Arrecife Restaurant Guide

Arrecife:- The Capital of Lanzarote

Cocina Mediterránea

The union of a luxury establishment and panoramic view of Lanzarote with vivid colours and new furniture in its areas, and the presence of a young chef, Abel del Rosario, with the ability of surprising the most seasoned gourmet with well prepared dishes in which his catering studies and hard work are percieved, makes this venue an important choice.

Arreife Gran Hotel & Spa, Parque Islas Canarias s/n 35550 Arrecife.
Tel: 0034 928 800 000
Opening Hours: 19:00 – 23:00
@ www.aghotels.com, Facebook: Restaurant Altamar, Twitter: @RestAltamar

La Caja de Tapas
Tapas Y Croquetería

Breakfast with authentic pan tumaca, is enormously successful and the crquettes a triumph. Everything is served in small wooded boxes. Carmen, always linked to the world with of building and decoration, is in love with her kitchen. Her gourmand spirit has led her to have this family area beside the Charcos de San Ginés (always in vogue), where she gives rein to her culinary fondness and transmits it to everyone else. She created the modern and functional premises and adapted it beautifully by hand. She serves healthy cusine based on national roots with personal ideas. She is supplied by her garden in Uga: with the fresh onions she makes onion marmalade with homemade pate. She has Lanzarote cheese, Iberico cold cuts, jacket potatoes, prawns, casseroled vegatables, crispy meat with mushroom tartar….

Ribera del Charco de San Ginés, 33 Edf. El Velero, 35550 Arrecife.
Tel: 0034 928 814 570
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 23:00
@ cajadetapas@gmail.com, Facebook: lacajadetapas

Chef Nizar
Cocina Libanese y Mediterrána

It is a well established name in the capital, uniting a combination of Lebanese and culinary traditions, justifying its mention in the Michelin guide. Neat and discreet, it opened 14 years ago. Its symbols are stuffed lamb, Avila veal, white grouper, local hake. Proprietor, Nizar has been in Lanzarote for 39 years (in Spain 44). He came to study in Madrid at the begining of the 70’s; he worked in the renowned hotel kitchens until successfully settling himself in Arrecife. Lebanese cuisine is in itself, full of delicate flavours and sensual aromas, and is a celebrated blend of raw materials, whose recipes are among the most nutritionally balanced in the world.

Calle Luis Morote, 19 35550 Arrecife.
Tel: 0034 928 801260
Opening Hours: 13:00 – 16:00 & 20:00 – 23:30
@ nizartayar@hotmail.com

Sushi & Asiático

It is a very splendid Asian restaurant that no-one can fail in recommeding. Beyond their menus, they display cultivated cuisine mixing Chinese, Thai and Japanese suggestions that non-experts esily differentiate. The owner Jaime, his name Spanish, is a freindly person and an expert who defends the purity of his recipes. He has been on the island for many years and his latest venture has been a masterpiece: the air conditioned restaurant with significant reservations and kitchen in view, is spectacular. The star dishes are the lacquered duck and the sushi, but dishes to highlight are the steamed and fat free Dim Sum and the Saumai with cod and king prawns. The sirlion teppanyaki and pasta Mochi are delicious.

Ramble Medular, 75, 355500, Arrecife.
Tel: 0034 928 817 135
Opening Hours: 11:30 – 16:30 & 19:30 – 00:00
@ kokoxiliasiatico@gmail.com

Cocina Canaria contemporánea y de Mercado

We have known Sandra and Orlando for 16 years: instilling their fine style in their establishment in Tias. Since the fruit of their dedication never ceases to amaze us, they have the true soul of restauranteurs with sharpened culinary taste. We followed them on their way to Arrecife and today see them happy inaugurating their splendid restauraunt in the Lanzarote Marina. Their development is crafted: their work has been scrupulous. Now they have a wide open kitchen in which Orlando makes his very personal suggestions with Canary islands rhtyms, in favour of local products. Delicious: Scallops with banana, coconut and lime caviar: beef sirloin with island nuances: gofio sauce, blackberries and spices: Canary caramilised quesillo with strawberries.

Centro Commercial Marina Lanzarote, local B-29, Avda’ Olof Palme, 35550, Arrecife.
Tel: 0034 928 524 978
@ liliumtias@gmail.com

La Lupe Cantina
Cocina Mexicana

By decoration it is pure Mexican, Juan Luis Alonso, head co-propietor chef inaugurated it in 2012. In the begining it was difficult – he says – now it is advisable to book on weekends. He learned in London with true Mexicans which defines his cuisine as, contemporary Mexican with local produce, everything is fresh, appertising.. He makes everything, starting with the dough for the tacos; nothing is precooked. The spices are added to taste and many dishes have a vegatarian version. Delicious reice with cuitocoche; Sheperds tacos with marinated chicken, ceviche, spices, onions and roast pineapple. There fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, chimichanga and suggestions such as grouper fish ceviche or green ceviche with king prawns.

Calle Coronel Bens, 9 35550 Arrecife.
Tel:0034 828086120
Opening Hours: 13:00 – 16:00 and 20:00 – 24:00
@ lalupacantina@hotmail.es

Cocina de autur and temporada

It is where the delightful “Revalations of Canaries Chef 2014” Mikel Otaegui officiates, QBC-Heineken awards. The establishment where the young chef suggests living unique experiences in which the food and the enviroment matters equally. So he had architect AndresnMedina, who understood to the last detail what he was looking for, making Naia into a very different and comfortable venue. Fresh producs from small producers are highlighted, which are treated with the utmost respect; his designer menu of half portion facilities the sharing of flavours and experiences… Dishes: white garlic with bonito and fruit, swordfish, ceviche with passion fruit; marinated cod over a light garlic purée, mascarpone foam with cold orange and carrot soup.

Avenida César Manrique, 33 El Charcos San Ginés 35550 Arrecife.
Tel: 0034 928805797
Opening Hours: 13:00 – 16:00 and 20:00 – 23:00

El Nuevo Maccheroni
Cocina Italiana

Apart from Italian classics (ossobuco, lasagne, pizzas_ Elvis head chef, opts for a fusion of Italian with Canary recipes of typical presentations with fresh products from the area, therefore it has to be said the food is delicious, innovate and suitable for palates. Here we can find delicate raviolis filled with grouper, fish from our waters, with cherry tomato and clam sauce as well as raviolis filled with rabbit and piquillo pepper sauce. The tortellini filled with cod and clams is fantastic. Apart from what we have already mentioned, the are a selcte meats and fresh fish, sirloin stek with lardo colonatto; iberian pork carpaccio; hake in green sauce; sea bass with papaya compote.

Calle Jose Antonio, 103 35550 Arrecife.
Tel: 0034 828 081 325
Opening Hours: 13:00 – 16:30 and 19:00 – 23:30
@ andreaddu@gmail.com

Plaza 24
Cocina mediterránea con toques d autor

Situated in Lanzarote’s new marina., modern elegant and comfortable, it is the new challenge of retauranteur Maxi Vidal, with who we associate the fabulous Amura restaurant and other establishments, with his brother Jose. From its large windows and terrace the comings and goings of the boats can be contemplated. In Plaza 24 Chef Jose Carbonell, who worked with Sergi Arola in Madrid and with Angel Leon Cadiz, surpasses the conventional with high product catergories for tasty cuisine at affordable prices. There is Capaccio of iberico pork with foie-gras, cured cheese and caviar with rosemary; black rice of cuttlefish and beetroot alioli; white chocolate soup, mandarin sorbet, crispy rice and curry.

Dársena de Naos, Marina Lanzarote, Local B24, 35550 Arrecife.
Tel: 0034 928 663 265
Opening Hours: 12:30 – 23:00

Que Muac
Cocina de mercado con raíz canaria

With a srene enviroment, it is in the San Jose Castle which is also home to an exhibition centre, unmistakably refined by Cesar Manrique. The chef, Pedro Luis, began working in hotel kitchens and with his ingenuity, surpassed the levels of the trade. In Qué Muac they keep to local products, with well known recipes for modern dishes, always extraordinary aesthetic, You should try his beef burger with crispy fried onions and honey sauce; black canary grouper in a crust of sautéed vegatables over a broth of full prawns. They offer freid cheese sticks and home made mushroom croquettes; roll of chevón cooked at a low temperature glazed with juices and enveloped in textured sweet, white, jable potatoe. Delicious Lanzarote goats chees cake too.

Avinida Puerto Naos, Castillo de San Jose, 35550 Arrecife
Tel: 0034 928 812 321
Opening Hours: Cafeteria 10:00 – 20:00 Restaurant 12:00 – 16:00 and 19:00 – 23:00

La Raspa
Tapas clásica Y creativas

Situated next to Charcos de San Ginés, the terrace is one of the busiest in this pleasant area, which is inviting for a glass of wine or a beer and for enjoying well made tapas; keeping well away from the common tapas, they have come far, they are aware that guests go there for palatal enjoyment and Carlos the head chef can be proud of his creative tapas, prepared with first class products. Recommended is the cold tomato and basil soup with idiazabal foam, the Txangurro croquettes with piquillo mayonnaise, tuna tataki in a sesame crust and dried fruit teriyaki, cuttlefish meatballs with clams and mussels. They also serve the classic steak tartar.

Avinida César Manrique, 20 35550 Arrecife.
Tel: 0034 928 808 405
Opening Hours: 13:00 – 16:00 and 20:00 – 23:00
@ latascaraspa@gmail.com