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007 ADV50 Part Seven - Press Release
On August 5th 2014 John Holt will be 50 years old and unlike the majority of people who celebrate their half century with a family get together, John has decided that a big adventure is required. That adventure will be to cycle solo around the world (abiet that didn’t happen), John is not a professional cyclist and describes himself as over weight, unfit and fifty which are just a few of the reasons he is setting off on this epic journey. John will be on a shoestring budget and has sold all his belongings to fund the trip. He has been unable to work for the past 13 months due to an operation for a pilonidal sinus. This medical condition which is rarely talked about causes agonising pain and John will be using his journey to make more people aware of this condition and what can be done to prevent it. 

Since 2004 John has worked in the travel industry as a holiday advisor but due to his medical condition is unable to return until the treatment is complete and he has made a full recovery, therefore he has decided for the next 18 months he will cycle over 18000 miles (managed 1500KM), carrying everything he requires to complete the journey on his bike which he recently bought for £45, (broke it and had to buy another one). Accommodation will be a combination of a tent as well as participating in the community of hosts on websites like, and a new site called

15126430804262 - Press ReleaseJohn will travel from Blackpool to London, from London he will re-trace the route taken in 1984 by Anne Mustoe. This route will take him through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Turkey then due to recent visa restrictions in Iran he will have to take a 2500km detour through Georgia, Azerbaijan across the Caspian sea to Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan and into China where he will head to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. John plans to stay in Koh Lanta, Thailand for a month working to earn enough money to continue his journey south through Malaysia before taking a flight to Australia which will be one of his biggest challenges cycling through the outback. Once Australia has been conquered it’ll be onto New Zealand before crossing the Pacific ocean to cycling west to east across the united states of America. As you would image a journey of this size is not the normal thing done to celebrate being 50 years old but John is determined to complete his adventure as well as raise awareness of the condition pilonidal sinus. 

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