Preparing For The Next Attempt

Mountain Views from MTB

It’s not easy to take a year out, especially if you don’t have an income but I’m positive there’s more to life than money or working for “The Man”.

I’m following in the footsteps of adventures who have gone before me and no doubt others who will continue after me. I know I could just read a book or search Google to discover what others have done but I must see it for myself.

The media constantly bambards everyone with bad news, wars are broadcast live as if a blockbuster movie. I don’t believe that the world and the people who live on it are as bad as the media portrays so I intend to cycle around the world to see for myself.

I’m sat in a Tapas bar in Lanzarote and I’m 5 months away from setting off. I’ve started to plan my journey but do I need a plan, or just a direction.

My last journey by bicycle was short in comparison to going around the whole world but I learnt a lot. This time I will be better prepared, better equipped and definitely more relaxed about the whole thing. I’m plotting my last cycling journey on Google maps to see what detours I made, there were too many times I was lost or missed the cycle route turnings.

I plan to cycle for 3 days and then have a day off, that way I will be able to keep the momentum going. On the last journey I cycled too many days in a row and then stopped for too long which meant my joints would stiffen.

November 12th 2015
Back in the saddle again for a short ride around the back roads of Costa Teguise. Amazing sunset and a very green landscape which is almost unheard of here. I had to stop to adjust my gears as I think I’ve bent the derailleur bracket but I can now engage all the gears, so it will suffice for my 5 months training plan.

Nov 14th 2015
Managed to get out on the bike again and cycled a lot further. The weather was gorgeous, the sun was starting to set behind the volcanoes. Lucky for me the roads have been resurfaced recently and the going was good. I headed out the back of Costa Teguise and past the Beatriz hotel, love this road as it swoops down towards the ocean and has spectacular views. I stopped for a coffee at the hiperdino supermarket then cycled back along the promenade to Playa Bastion then home.

I’ve been listening to Jason Moore’s podcasts Zero To Travel and researching other websites. There is so much information out there and this time I’m going to absorb as much as possible.

If your intrested in traveling then check out.