New Legs Please!

Cycling past

I’m in Anlier 20km from Arlon, sat in a wooden bus shelter. Today my legs don’t want to work, they ache like hell.

This morning was really tough, I had to stop every few minutes and revert to walking. I looked forward to the freewheeling down the hills and where I am there are lots of hills. I spent some of the morning spotting and watching falcons and by mid morning was getting quite good at it. There was lots to see as I went through a pine forest, as I approached the E411 motorway junction on the left was the European space centre and above me military jets doing some fancy maneuvers, I sat on the motorway bridge and watched the free show. I then passed the tree and land company which looked to be the perfect cover for the Belgium equivalent for M.I.B, of course it was next to the European space center.

I was following the N40 heading to Arlon this road is a little like the A6 except the long stretches between towns and village were a lot lot longer. I had nearly run out of water so stopped at a cemetery thinking there would be an outside tap, no tap but an amazingly well-kept place with headstones dating back over 100 years and they looked like new.

Just around the corner, may I add going down a very nice hill, I saw shutters on all the house, I stopped to film one as it reminded me of Vicky Gething and Nice, France. On the outskirts of Arlon I came across a super market and got lunch and water, I had pasta salad with rocket, a bread roll, not any old bread roll, a granary roll with seeds on top that get stuck in your teeth, a carton of what looked like orange but turned out to be grapefruit and a Danish pastry. I ate and drank the lot.

I cycled through Arlon town passing the market which was closing for the day and in the square found a tank, it seems Arlon is famous and appreciates the American GI’s who rescued the town in 1945. However I did wonder how much parking a tank here from 1945 until today would cost if they left the meter running. I sat in the shade and started my almost flat tablet to check for the nearest campsite as well as chatting with a girl who had just backpacked South America. There was a campsite going back but I didn’t want to go back, I thought of Dora the Explora , just keep …… My legs were hurting a lot and I needed the two days off I’d promised myself. I made a decision to go the 18 miles by train to Luxembourg and a campsite.

It would have been easier to ride or even walk!