Getting Rid of the Monster

JH Reading

August 2017 started with a 6 hour flight back to the UK which was remarkably comfortable. I wasn’t in seat 4F which I had been allocated. A teenager had decided he wanted the window seat and his brother had taken the middle seat. I was therefore left with an aisle seat to relax in.

During that flight I had time to plan my approach to de-cluttering my life. First I was to start by donating unwanted items to local charity shops. Then I was to sell everything else. After all I was storing the majority of my belongings at my mother’s house and never used 90% of my stuff. I just owned it and the stuff was taking up valuable space both in my life and in the house.

I mentally pictured each area I was going to declutter, wardrobe, under the bed and the store-room with the tools in. All these areas had items I no longer used or was unlikely to use. On that aircraft I drifted into a thoughtful sleep my dream was for a more meaningful life with less stuff.

Arriving home was special I had plans and wanted to get started as soon as possible.

On entering the spare room which I was to sleep in during my visit I was overwhelmed by what I saw. I viewed that room with different eyes. There was almost no room to sleep as my stored stuff was everywhere. Two maybe three years ago I had purchase a huge printer, my mother had named it the monster. It printed A3 posters as well as every other size imaginable. I had used it maybe half a dozen times, well just enough to have to buy replacement ink. The ink of course being 4 times the cost of the actual machine. The last time I attempted to use that machine it failed and now it sat lifeless on the dressing table. That printer would be one of the first items to go.

I actually started with some smaller items as the printer was too large to carry to the recycling point at my local office supplies store. I took a box from the top of the wardrobe. This box came down annually and stuff was added before it was placed back on top of the wardrobe. This time I was going to remove stuff and discard it or donate it. I came across 20 or so compact discs of old computer games, all still boxed. The problem was that they could no longer be used as my laptop has no drive for playing cd’s. I decided that this is where I would start my de-cluttering. Those computer games went to a recycling container at my local supermarket.

I still had plans for the monster printer as it sat there taking up space in my room. I knew that our local council has a recycling truck which visits the area. So I looked up when it was next due to visit. Luckily it was to be the next day, I set an alarm to remind me. I brought the printer down from its storage space and placed it close to the front door. That way I would have no choice but to move it sooner rather than later. At 13:09 on a sunny Tuesday I marched that printer to the recycling truck and gave it a new home.

I cleared out more cd’s these having backups of computer programs which are now obsolete. I seemed to have a whole collection of karaoke dvd’s which I have never used. The majority of these discs were thrown in the trash and the karaoke dvd’s ended up in a local charity shop.

So after my first few days of de-cluttering do I feel any different or has my life changed dramatically? Of course not but I can already see more space in the room I’m staying in and I certainly don’t feel any worse. I have however got momentum and will continue to declutter my stuff. I look forward to being able to enjoy only owning stuff which adds value to my life. I also have the added benefit that I will have less to organise, less to clean and won’t have to rely on my mother allowing me to clog up her spare room.

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