#microadventure blue moon

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I couldn’t resist an unusual astronomical event, it was going to be a blue moon. I had heard the expression before but did not know the meaning behind it but now I do. A blue moon is the terminology given to a second full moon in the same month. I still don’t quite understand the moon’s movements around the earth. I know the moon’s orbit is synchronised with the earth and that is the reason we only ever see one side of the moon. I think it takes 28 days for the moon to orbit the earth although lying on a cliff in the dark the moon seem to rise and set daily.

Blue Moon-1

So I packed my bag and loaded my bike and headed off to the cliff top north of Costa Teguise, I had previously found a camping spot so headed straight to it. I was cautious cycling especially as I passed the exact spot I came off only 3 weeks earlier. Cycling through Los Ancones was tougher than last time as there was a strong headwind and my gears weren’t working correctly. I managed to get on to the cliff top but decided to walk further north as my original camping spot would be too windy and too close to the edge, within a few minutes I spotted an ideal location, it was a zocos (curved wall) on a high point about 10 metres away from the cliff edge and it looked directly back to Costa Teguise. The zocos had been built by walkers to shelter from the strong northerly wind, the base was a little rocky so I propped my bike up and cleared an area big enough to sleep on. I spent 10 or 15 minutes scouting around the area to see what was around and checked on the App Starwalks to find out where the moon would rise above the horizon. I then lay my sleeping mat down and had a few snacks and a beer. I had just under an hour before the sun set and the moon rise, so trainers off and I slid into my sleeping bag to retain my body heat. I lay there doing absolutely nothing until the moon broke over the horizon. To my amazement when it did I could see a pod if dolphins playing just off the coast line, I grabbed my camera and got some great shots. The dolphins were making a lot of noise, perhaps a blue moon is special for them too.

Blue Moon-2I settled down and fell asleep for a couple of hours, the wind was being deflected by the zocos so I was snug and comfy, I had a large rock as a pillow which was surprisingly comfy. I noticed the moon was high in the sky so I started taking photos, it took ages to get the exposure right as the camera tries to make the sky daylight, well officially 18% grey. After all the moon reflects the sun and it’s extremely bright when full. An hour our so past and I went back to sleep.

Blue Moon-3I woke to my alarm at 7:00am, the sky was dull and cloudy and I thought it might rain. I packed everything up and headed back to the path so I could cycle home. I struggled with my broken gear lever but managed to cycle all the way back to the apartment only to find the bathroom ceiling was leaking water from upstairs but that’s another story.


#microadventure number 2 was a huge success and I not only enjoyed wild camping I got some great photos too.

Blue Moon-7