#microadventure Blip

wpid 20150710 201631 - #microadventure Blip

Okay, so the idea of having microadventures whilst I’m here on Lanzarote is a great idea. I will be able to get out and about and enjoy the island, do some wild camping which is legal and encouraged as long as you follow the rules. Leave the area the same or better than when you arrive. I had discovered a great little spot on top of the cliff just past Los Ancones. This week though would have a little blip.

wpid-20150710_195812.jpgI managed to grab a siesta for a couple of hours on Friday before loading the bike, grabbing some snacks and heading towards my camping spot for the night. It was very windy outside and I had to pedal downhill to keep moving but within ten minutes of setting off I hit a speed bump badly and came off my bike.

wpid-20150710_195821.jpgIt all seemed to happen in slow motion as I went over the handlebars and slid along the road surface on my stomach. I took a nasty bang on the nose, possibly from the visor on my helmet as it came away. I lay motionless in the road for a few seconds, I thought I could just get up but when I first tried I couldn’t. I noticed the blood pouring out of my nose onto the road. Seconds later I was surrounded by some local children, they got into action straight away. I heard one saying “I’ll go get an adult” another asked me if I needed an ambulance. I sat up and had decided an ambulance wasn’t necessary, I moved over to the kerb and whilst I was assessing my injuries the local kids were brilliant. They picked up everything from the road and moved it next to me.

wpid-20150710_201556.jpgA man and his daughters arrived, they were from Holland and moved my bike out-of-the-way whilst I phoned a colleague. I had started to get over the initial shock and felt like I would be okay, thankfully I wore a helmet otherwise I may have needed that ambulance. My colleague arrived to rescue me and the Dutchmen loaded the bike in the car. I thanked everyone and gave the kids the snacks I had bought after all I wouldn’t be needing them now.

wpid-20150710_200450.jpgOnce home I put the bike in the lounge and got in the shower to clean the wounds and get the grit out of my elbow. I threw all my clothes into the washing machine got dressed and went out to get some dinner. I thought that if I stayed in I would stiffen up. I had dinner at food express before watching the show in the hotel where I worked. I eventually got home around 11pm and went to bed.

wpid-20150710_201631.jpgI woke early my bed had blood on the sheets and pillow so I went to the bathroom to clean up. I was in pain but it wasn’t horrendous so went with the hotel duo to visit Playa Blanca and Timanfaya National Park. It was a good day seeing the sights Lanzarote had to offer but I was still sore and by the end of the day my muscles had tightened up. Once back in the apartment I had another shower a couple of pain killers and went to bed. It wasn’t quite the microadventure I had hoped for but I’m lucky it wasn’t worse.