Metz Bridge

I slept really well although I woke at 03:00 and had looked up Metz on Google, I got up at 07:00 and thought it would be a shame not to explore Metz whilst I was here, so I booked another night and left my power monkey battery pack at the campsite office to charge and went off on foot to explore.

The weather was overcast but dry so I took my coat, I climbed the steps out of the campsite into what was left of an old church, the tower remained and had plants and flowers around it with benches. I decided to put my camera over my shoulder but under my coat so if it did rain I wouldn’t have to do anything to protect my camera, as I was doing this a guy came over and asked for money, I told him he most likely had more than me and No I wasn’t going to give him any. That’s when he pulled out a knife, no he didn’t but you were all excited then wasn’t you, he just walked off.

Metz is old, the buildings are all stone and there are lots of bridges, I popped into a bakery and got a chocolate croissant for breakfast. I passed at least two churches before I arrived at the cathedral and the town square one of which looked like it had been on fire. The tourist office was in front of me, so I went in for a map. So Metz is quite historical and has museums and a Pompidou centre, I thought only Paris had one of those. I walked the narrow streets until I arrived at the Pompidou centre, what a disappointment it was small and very white. Oh! And closed. I walked back into town looking at the shops which were just opening and the fascinating architecture. I grabbed a coffee from Mc D’s (only decent thing they sell) then continued my exploration. I enjoyed looking around Metz, the photos would be a lot better with sun and blue sky, never mind. I had set off early so was back at the tent a little after noon, on my way back I picked up lunch from the bakery I had previously visited. Quiche, Apple croissant and some petite pastry things.

I’ve slept from 13:00 until 16:00, woke up to drizzle, nipped for a hot shower, shave, then made noodle soup for tea, should have been noodles but I put too much water in the pan. It started to rain at 18:00 and didn’t stop until around 05:00 at times it was loud and heavy and I couldn’t sleep, I also imagined either sliding into the river Moselle or the tent leaking, luckily neither happened, the tent held up to the down pour and I was warm and dry. I got up at 07:15 and made coffee. I took my time packing everything up and rode through the city of Metz, I even saw kayakers in the river attempting a slalom course three out of the four made it look easy the fourth just capsized before he started. I’ll miss Metz.