Lost Track of Time

Time Piece

If you were to ask me what day it was I couldn’t tell you, in fact there have been a few times I have had to check the calendar. This is the first day I have woken up with no rain, there’s dew on the fly sheet but as soon as the sun came round it evaporated. I slept well but a little cold, I’ll have to put more layers on and definitely socks. Last night a group of teenagers were sat round a disposable BBQ having a conversation in about four different languages, it was interesting to listen in and translate the odd word or two, they weren’t rowdy and stopped when it got dark.

I woke at 07:30 and lay in my sleeping bag for a while, my plan was to head toward Rochefort, so far I have ridden 300 miles. When Eddie Izzard ran all those marathons in a row he said, once he’d done one his body thought, oh! This is what we do now and he just carried on. My body is just saying, stop you plonker this hurts. My legs feel as if their being crushed in a vice, my left elbow is sore and my left ribs are agony, so carry on then?

I spoke too soon about the rain, just as I got up it started and didn’t stop until early afternoon when I was in a bus shelter at Condroz Et Famenne, just outside Beauraing. It’s been a shit morning I spent four hours going around in circles lost in a forest.

Anseremme to Drehance then to Celles , if you look on a map you’ll see I wasn’t exactly going round in circles more a big triangle. I found a main road, the N95 I think and just followed it, pushing up some steep hills all morning, nightmare, I actually thought it was groundhog day. I’m sure I saw the same cows more than once, they were the laughing kind. I stopped to make chicken soup as I hadn’t eaten, I used a bus shelter as my dining room, the two houses opposite were nosey especially No:220 as he came out of his side door, went to his front door, checked it was locked, then went back in his house via the side door, all while watching me.

The sun finally came out, so I continued to Beauraing and walked through the town, I came across a fruit and veg shop and bought 3 bananas and an apple. I sat outside the tourist information office and tried to log on to the internet but you had to pay. Leaving Beauraing heading towards Wellin was a long steep hill and I had to push the bike. The only time you want a downside is when you’re pushing a heavy bike up a hill. The coast down the other side was fun and a very long way. I saw a road side restaurant that advertised WiFi so stopped, no one inside spoke a word of English so I ended up ordering Plat du jour, menu of the day. Wow! It was huge, 4 courses. Appetizer, French onion soup with delicious bread, braised steak with mash, salad and chips followed by chocolate ice cream with squirty cream on top. I was ready to burst, thought of Chloe Davies as Chloe has a way with words, she let’s you know when she needs a poo and I no doubt would require a loo soon after that meal. I tried Skype but couldn’t log in, so turned to Facebook for assistance.

Wellin was lovely but closed, I did spot a supermarket on the far edge of the village and bought coffee, water and a choc o pan, 2 minutes down the road I saw an outdoor 24 hr launderette, it was in a Carrefour car park, looked like a bus shelter and was made by the photo me company, they have obviously moved on from photo booths. It was brilliant, I changed out of my wet clothes and washed the lot, I had a bit of an issue with the coin slot and thought I’d stripped off in a car park and put all my clothes in a washing machine which was installed in a bus shelter for nothing, but once I read the instructions (pictures) I got it to work.