Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday Restaurant

I’ve stopped at a bus shelter 12 km outside of Roussy, France. What a leisurely morning, lots of water on the tent this morning but apart from that a lovely Sunny day. I cycled to Bettemburg, reminds me of the cake with pink and yellow squares covered in marzipan. I followed my compass heading as I no longer had a map which covered the area. I went over a railway bridge and noticed that Bettemburg station maybe old, around 1930’s but they had put some thought into getting to your platform with a bike, wheelchair or pram, they had bright yellow pelican crossings across the track between platforms, genius, someone should tell Belgium. Please!

It went all green, parks and trees on both sides of a very nice level road, this was nice and easy. I spotted a wood cabin which sold coffee and it had a lot of parked cars next to it, turns out I’m outside the entrance to Luxembourg zoo. The entrance to the zoo was very nice old brick with pointy towers, it was more like a Disney castle than an entrance to a zoo. I had a coffee and a fried egg bun.

About an hour later I came across a road with eight petrol stations in a row on the A13, I stopped at the Esso and had yet another coffee and a chocolate croissant, filling my pockets with sachets of sugar and creamer from the dispenser. I also spotted those funny gloves you wear when filling you car with diesel, so I got some of those too, oh! and a dozen or so paper towels. Not a bad shopping spree and you never know when you need this stuff on the road.

Minutes later I was across the border back into France, On a slight side note here, I have noticed through my travels that people speak the language of the country there nearest. For example. When I was on the France Switzerland border in France they spoke swiss and in Switzerland the spoke French, on the Switzerland Italy border in Switzerland they spoke Italian and so on, I find this weird.

Apart from a few minor hills France is flat, so the kilometres flew by. I rested several times once in a bus shelter, once under a sycamore tree outside a nuclear reprocessing plants railway sidings. (I’ve a nice glow to me now) and at a coffee shop called Culture Pain, I even stopped and watched a football game, yellow team Vs blue team.

On the outskirts of Metz  there were lots of motels so I asked in one but it was full and another was €75 a night. I thought it best not to wild camp in a city so headed for the municipal campsite. Camping Municipal De Metz Plage was excellent, I pitched on the banks of the river Moselle. I was going to cook but discovered tonight was roast chicken and chips night, so had half a roast chicken and chips with a beer instead.