LA Route Des Vins D Alsace


I somehow managed to find the EUROVELO 5 and follow it, the route was excellent, I spent hours cycling through the wine region, with the main road in the distance and as I was high on the side of a hill, I could see for miles. It was well signposted and goes village to village via the vineyard’s which were covered in green and black grapes, some farmers had started to pick the grapes others were cutting the grass between the rows of vines in preparation. I continued through some magnificent countryside, wonderful rolling hills, a smooth path to cycle on and it was very popular, a lady with a large brimmed white straw hat was having a picnic on her blanket at the side of the road, we exchanged pleasantries but I couldn’t help thinking that the bright yellow blanket she was sat on would attract the many flying insects around. I was overtaken by dozens of cyclist’s on various types of bikes from a rusty old red one with small wheels ridden by an octogenarian to the latest carbon fibre racer and rider wearing the Sky Sports gear.

Views across the vineyards to the church and châteaux on the hillside.

Molsheim to Dorlisheim was mainly following a railway line, Roseheim was medieval and was having a medieval festival on September 14 th. Apart from cars parked in odd places, I felt like I had traveled back in time, every house, shop and business was in a medieval stone property. I was surprised I didn’t see the local blacksmith hammering on a hot sword.  The cycle route took me through the centre of Roseheim and on cobble streets, over rivers and streams, through amazing stone arches. It was a pity cars were allowed in the centre. I really liked the architecture and atmosphere of Roseheim, I vowed to return.

I followed the route until Barr then followed a sign that said Campsite’s. I also thought of the days when you used to return Barr bottles to the chip shop and get 10 pence, what ever happened to that! I arrived at a fork in the road (oh! I thought someone’s dropped a fork in the road). I had a choice of two campsite L’Oldie or Saint Martins, feeling old I didn’t fancy L’Oldie based on name, I’m sure it would’ve been lovely but I wouldn’t have met Sophie.

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