Discover Nature in Kuala Lumpur Eco Park

KL Tower through palm trees

It’s time to update the Malaysia content.

After all I’m here for 78 days to avoid the snow, wind and rain of the UK I thought I should update my posts. Kuala Lumpur is a very big city one which is designed around shopping malls and motor vehicles. Just crossing the road is a huge under taking. However situated right in the centre of the city at the base of the KL Tower is the Eco Park. A place to wander and take in an ancient forest (woodland) in this busy city. The Eco Park has some bad reviews online but when I visited it was throughly enjoyable. If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of shopping malls then it may not be your thing but walking though and above nature, then it’s worth the effort.

John on the canopy walk

The Kuala Lumpur Eco Park is a great way to get a break from this busy, noisy city and have a few hours with nature. Finding the entrance is not as easy as it seems on Google maps and that’s because it is only accessible from the base of the KL Tower. I was staying close to the Bukit Nanas monorail station which is the one to head for. It is only a short walk from the station but it’s easy to get lost on the way. Walk past the Hard Rock cafe (on your left) until you get to the traffic lights at the main junction. If you are on the same side as the Hard Rock Cafe then good luck in crossing the road, I mean take care crossing the road.

Eco Park Canopy Walkway

You need to cross to the opposite side of the road to the Hard Rock Cafe (turning right). Looking up the street you can see the sign for the KL Tower, you need to head for that sign. Follow the sign to the entrance and here you can wait for a free shuttle to take you to the base of the tower. Alternatively if you fancy a brisk walk there are steps behind where you wait for the mini van. I of course waited for the shuttle which took me and my fellow passengers to the base of the tower. Along the way you can see the entrance to the Eco Park on the left at the last big turn before you stop. On the right is the I heart KL TOWER sign. There is a lot you can do up here without actually going up the tower. You will have some good views as well as lots of places to eat and drink an upside down house, a petting zoo, a  chocolate exhibition (which may change) and of course the Eco Park. There are toilets and facilities at the base of the tower although you may have to go up the escalators to get to them. You can go up them without being charged just turn right at the top and walk past the cafes and restaurants until you find the entrance. I would suggest you take your own loo roll etc.

KL Eco Park Canopy Views

I should have mentioned this earlier but hopefully you are reading this post before you go. It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway. Plenty of sun protection, mosquito repellent, snacks, water, camera and comfy walking shoes are a must. I spent about 2 hours in the park but didn’t get to see all of it as it was midday and very hot. The paths around the park can be very steep but if you do the canopy walk first you walk back up the hill. So if walking down is easier for you then walk around the base of the park and then climb up the stairs to the canopy and walk back. Either way the views and experience were excellent and I plan on going back before I leave Malaysia.

Eco Park Canopy Staircase

The Eco Park website shows monkeys and exotic birds but apparently there are no longer monkeys as they have all escaped. (reminds me of how planet of the apes started) There are however hundreds of different plant and tree species as well as lots of birds. The views from the canopy is excellent and the walkways are secured with steel cable meaning they can hold a lot of weight. I could easily have spent 2 hours on the canopy walkways as the whole experience was excellent.

Some parts of the park are in need of some maintenance as you’ll notice identification signs laying at the base of plants and trees. It wouldn’t take much for these to be put back and there is rubbish around but no more than anywhere else in Kuala Lumpur. A lot of people here seem to have no regard towards keeping their city clean.

KL Eco Park Entrance

When heading back down I recommend catching the shuttle bus to the entrance and either walking back to the monorail station or just outside the entrance to the left is a taxi rank. Speaking of taxis do not get one from the base of the tower as they are very expensive. Taxis in Kuala Lumpur are a cheap way to travel but ensure the meter is running. I have yet been in a taxi when it wasn’t and all the drivers were polite and friendly. The only downside to taxis is the traffic you certainly won’t get to your destination quickly.