Jetboil Flash – Brew System

Flash! Saviour of the universe.

How can I make a great cup of morning coffee?

Over the years I’ve used a lot of different camping stove systems, and although they all do roughly the same job I’ve now upgraded to a Jetboil Flash. I still own quite a few stoves and over the next few months will determine which I take on my bicycle tours.

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I have a BST Titanium stove which screws onto a gas canister. The BST Titanium stove is currently the smallest stove available and I’ll probably carry it with me as a second burner and backup. I have also some homemade stoves consisting of an aluminium utensil holder which is ideal for burning twigs in. This aluminium “stove” is also used to store a gas canister, Spork and some tin foil so also ends up being taken on tours. This stove is ideal when I run out of gas but have access to twigs and other combustibles.

I have used and still own a solid fuel stove, these are very compact but take a long time to heat up food or water. I also use an alcohol stove but instead of buying one I just make one. This means I don’t have to carry the actual alcohol stove just some alcohol. I have a hip flask which I carry and keep my fuel alcohol in. I usually make this stove when I find a drinks can along my route.

So with all those options why did I go and buy a Jetboil Flash System?

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The Jetboil Flash provides me with a solo brew kit. I enjoy a good coffee when I’m on the road but didn’t want to spend too much time setting things up. The Jetboil Flash is an all in one, self contained brew system. It’s compact light and very fast at boiling water. I managed to dismantle a cafeteria for the filter / plunger meaning fresh coffee is only moments away.

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The Flash has a very efficient stove reducing the amount of gas used but still has a better flame intensity than most other stoves I’ve come across. I know the Flash 1ltr pot is not ideal for cooking food with, as the heat is concentrated at the base. The pot has a small diameter but is quite tall meaning the heat isn’t evenly distributed. Ideal for water and liquids but not food without continuous stirring. I have ordered the pot stand which attaches to the Flash’s stove and therefore can use a larger diameter pan to cook my meals.

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To complete my Jetboil coffee / cook system I have a solo pan set consisting of 2 pans and a frying pan. I have ditched one pan as I rarely cook on multiple stoves and either have a one pot meal or a fry up for breakfast. The Jetboil is very good in windy conditions but I still take or make a windshield. Aluminium foil has 101 uses and making a windshield for a stove is just one of them.

I try to ensure I utilise space as much as possible so I can fit a 100g gas canister, the Jetboil Stove and the included Jetboil stand inside the 1ltr pot. Inside my pans I have my spork and a gas canister adapter. The adapter is so I can use different types of gas canister fittings. One thing I discovered cycling across European is you can never find the correct gas canister when you need one.

The Jetboil Flash description, it boils 2 cups of water at around 100 seconds. This seems to depend on the ambient temperature and altitude but unless you sit there with a stopwatch you won’t care. It’s really quick, sometimes I haven’t even got my coffee out and the water is boiling.

Optimized for 3-Season performance and engineered for lightning-fast boil, it’s the ultimate personal system for dehydrated meals, soups, coffee, and tea. I would say when it comes to meals the 1ltr pot isn’t the best. Unless you’re boiling water to pour into your MRE or noodles, Wayfarers camping food packs do not fit easily into the pot. I have discovered that if you boil water and then put the Wayfayrer pouch in a container with a lid. Pour hot water in and cover by the time you’ve made a brew the food is piping hot.

Serious Power
The NEW Flash sports an increased output (4,500 to 9,000 BTUs) and improved valve design. We shaved 1 minute off of boil time while maintaining Jetboil efficiency. No argument here, it’s the best flame I’ve ever seen or heard. Even using a larger diameter pan the heat is controllable and cooking is simple. Even I can do it!

Unrivaled Control
With a convenient, push-button igniter and a color-change heat-indicator, you’ll know exactly when the water boils. I usually get the water on first and then grab the coffee, so the heat indicator makes it easy to see that the water is hot. Okay! I know you can clearly see when water is boiling but it’s not recommended for coffee so once boiled I can still see the water is hot enough for that second cup.

Folded for greater heat exchange, our FluxRing technology reduces boil time with half the fuel consumption of traditional systems. Waste no time. Waste no fuel. In Europe, I went through a 500g gas canister approximately every 10 days. Using the Jetboil Flash a 100g is lasting me that, although I’m only currently making coffee about twice a day. I feel that I could confidently cook a hot meal a day & coffee for a week.

So, in conclusion, I’m loving my Jetboil Flash the original purchase price becomes less significant every time I sip a lovely cup of coffee when I’m out on a cycle tour.

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