How To Really Finance Your Travels.

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Funding Travel.

I am sat in Cafe Amazon on Mahraja Alley in Krabi, Thailand and the first thing that comes to mind, is how unlikely this compares with the Amazon. It’s cool air conditioning is worth the price of the coffee as outside it is more like the actual Amazon. Outside the window I’m sat next to, it’s hot, humid and there are even a few nasty creatures flying around. No I’m not talking about the hundreds of motorcycle taxi riders, Tuk Tuk drivers or shop owners but mosquitos.

I purchased a latte and a sandwich for £1.80, yes that’s for both! Although the coffee is very small and I may have to buy another one before I finish writing this blog post. Speaking of writing, my last post was how I finance travel if you haven’t read it then pop over to it here. How Do You Finance Your Travels

Once you have your finances in order you jump on a plane and away you go. Stop! After watching hundreds of YouTube videos about people who travel the globe and earn money to travel the globe, I thought this is easy, off I go. Now I’m making a conjecture here, from what I have seen it’s not that easy at all! To put it mildly there is something these YouTube creators aren’t telling us. I doubt most vlogs on travel freedom are close to reality.

I’m not going to explain why I don’t believe they’re not reality just yet. What I am going to do is share with you what I should have done before I left and recommend you do the same. So I want to be location independent which doesn’t mean I won’t spend time in England. It means I am free to work anywhere in the world and to be able to go places I have never seen and want to see.

To be location independent you need a mobile skill and there are lots of them, I will list mine:-

Web Designer, WordPress Website specialist, Google Webmaster, Facebook Developer, Google Adsense, Trends, insights and App specialist. Social Media Specialist, Android Specialist, I.T Consultant.

P.A.D.I Assistant Instructor, Emergency First Responder.

Photographer, Videographer, Blogger, Travel Writer, Google Contributor, Open Street Maps Contributor.

Tour Guide, Travel Advisor, Sales Consultant, Wine Taster.

Plumber, Tiler, Mechanic, Automotive in-car entertainment fitter, Bicycle Mechanic.

Specialist and Consultant are terms I use because saying you’re competent in building computers, laptops. Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware and a hundred other pieces of software is long-winded.

If you require any of the above services then do get in touch.

I’m sure I have a few more but those are my main skills, however since setting off none of the above has earned me a penny. (I lie I have just earned £5 from Google)

I should have set up and built a business whilst I was still working full-time, which might have been difficult but I wouldn’t be sat in a cafe in Thailand wondering where my next paycheck will come from. I even tried Fiverr and that didn’t work, although I will give it another go soon. So start building your location independent business now, don’t wait like I did as I have to rely on savings which I can tell you go down quickly. One of the best businesses to set up will be based around your hobby because if you love what you do, it isn’t work.

Hobbies are great to turn into websites and blogs. You can share your knowledge and demonstrate you skills for others who are interested, if anyone wants to start a blog or website then join me throughout October as I will be running through the steps to set up a WordPress Website from scratch.

I am going to end here, mainly because the rain has stopped and I can get back out exploring Krabi, after all that’s why I am traveling.