Heading East

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I headed east out of Milan, I had a map and stopped on a regular basis to check my bearings. I came across what must have been the old quarter as all the buildings were dramatic and old. I arrived at what must have been an old town square, It had been turned into a roundabout, well squareabout with the city tram track circling the small building sat in the middle. I pushed my bike across the road and hidden in plain sight was an old fashion bakery which sold pizza by the meter. I couldn’t resist, I locked my bike to a lamppost, which looked like it should still run on gas and went into the bakery. I ordered a small slice of pizza and coke and stood outside to eat it. The owners of this store were clever, just outside the door was a small electrical sub station box, if that’s what you call them. They had glued a piece of wood to the top of it and put bar stools on either side creating an instant table, genius. I sat on the bar stool and watched Milan life, Milan is like old and new have merged creating spectacular, in front of me was an old rickety tram and off to my right was what looked like a brand new bombardier tram, the whole area was fascinating. I followed my compass east and picked up the signs for the airport which was were I needed to head to pick up the road to lake Garda.
I stopped behind the airport near Segrate, I was on a cycle path with a lake on one side and the field at the end of the runway on the other. The sun was blazing and it was hot, so I decided to take a break and hang all my gear up to dry out. I had bought a Russian salad earlier, so whilst every thing was drying I sat on the grass and ate it. A woman on her bike with two kids on roller skates stopped for a chat and told me there were no campsites nearby. The weather was good so I continued on the cycle path for about an hour before coming across the Concordia hotel, I called in to check the price. I had been freezing the night before sleeping on a trim trail so I decided to stay even though it was 60 Euros but it did include breakfast. I put my bike in garage number 2, which meant I only had to take my panniers upstairs with me. The room was basic with a tiled floor not neat square or rectangular tiles but pieces of smashed tiles heavily grouted so you didn’t cut your feet. The bathroom was small, no cat swinging possible but it would do. The shower was broken, when turned on the water came out of the wrong end of the hose and you had to hold the shower head as the holder was broken. However it was clean head free WiFi and plug sockets next to the bed. Across the road was a penny market so I went and bought my provisions. A pear, banana, fizzy water and nestea.

It was the first hotel I had stayed in since leaving Saint Omer in France about 1200 miles between hotels can’t be bad on a bike tour. I slept well and went down for breakfast at 08:00. The breakfast room was small had half a dozen tables and a buffet, I attempted to eat 60 Euros worth of buffet, I think I managed about 10 Euros worth. I hung around the hotel until 11:00 so I could upload video and charge everything. I took my time reloading the bike so I could balance all my gear a little better. I set off following the signs for Spizi then the SP14, I saw a garden centre and went in to look for a camping gas canister, what they had looked to big. so I didn’t buy it. I visited a shop in Rodano and grabbed a focciatio with cheese for my lunch. The sp14 was a good road but I had saddle sores so stopped at a supermarket which didn’t sell food but had 90% alcohol so I bought it as I planned on making a hobo stove. The cafe next door was called Perbacco and the coffee was cheap and delicious, the owners were very friendly and the weather was lovely so I sat outside wrote my journal and drank two coffees.

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