Going Solo

Saint Omer River

Aug 13th Wednesday

Mum knocked on my door at 05:30 she was anxious about the rest of my journey and hers, she decided to get the train to Calais and the ferry to the UK and was setting off early. We said our goodbye’s and that was it, I’m on my own. I really appreciate mum as she’s an adventurer and still enjoys travel also she looked after me over the 12 months I was off I’ll.

I packed and cycled around town – then 3 miles in the wrong direction. (Right road wrong way, all the excitement). It was a mixed morning of wind, showers and sunshine, after a couple of hours I stopped and made some soup.

In a Zone

Today I don’t know if I was in ‘the’ zone but I just got on with it, the bike was running well and I’d hung my map compass around my neck to be able to check my general direction. It worked, a day without any issues, well other than a bee sting at the top of my eye.

D211 – nipped through some road works
D642 – Turns out it’s motorway, no bikes so used compass to run parallel.
Hazebrouck – Walked through town went to supermarket
D642 – This time cycle path Strazeele to Bailleul
D933 – Nieppe, got stung by a bee above left eye.
I collided with a bee and it got stuck between my glasses so it decided to sting me, nearly came off my bike and it hurt like hell all afternoon.
D933 – Armentiers – Sore arse pushed for a while
Lomme bit rough, lots of high rises
19:18 hrs 13.08.14 Arrived Lille.