Email to my Sister

Amsterdam Windmill

That’s a bit embarrassing, I got my tablet out of my bag to email you and knocked my coffee over.

Hello from Stormy, Rainy, Monsoon Thailand. Do you think I came at the wrong time of year, it might explain why the flights are cheap.

Hope you’re well and everyone else too.

Mum mentioned about YouTube showing my old stuff, I discovered they weren’t public, which explains why no one other than people who had the link had watched them. So I edited them a bit and rescheduled them, the last one should have been posted by now and my new stuff just starting.

Well what an adventure, I cycled from Blackpool to Crewe via all the Canals along the way. That was a bad idea as the majority of the towpaths are rubbish, I pushed and walked most of the way. I arrived at a village just before Crewe and was starving, the night before I had slept in a forest at the end of an airport runway. It took me 2 hours to get out of the forest, in the wrong direction. So when I finely arrived in Sandbach I hadn’t eaten so headed to the train station which was near me for food. There was nothing there so I got on a train to the next stop, Crewe, as I knew I could eat there, all this in the rain.

I sat at Crewe station for hours, drying off and drinking coffee and I decided I needed a rest, my knees were hurting as were my legs and let’s not mention my arse, ooooh! So to re-assess I looked for a hotel, the Ibis style, the staff were brilliant and gave me a good price for the last family room. That night I decided that I was just being daft and I should get back cycle touring, I did however see a train from Crewe to London, Euston for £10 so booked it.

I cycled from London to Amsterdam and to be honest I hated it, I was sore, tired, damp and lonely. So in Amsterdam I decided to stop cycling and do something different, hence now in Koh Lanta, Thailand. It’s low season so very quiet but cheap to live and good Wi-Fi so I can get some stuff done.

I’m in Asia until 30th Nov, that’s when my flight is back to Amsterdam. I’ll go back there to see if my bike is still in the car park. I will then fly or cycle back to the UK.

I can only stay in Thailand for 30 days, so I’m going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as they allow the British in for 90 days. I then have a few options, I applied for an Australian visa, if it comes through I’ll fly there but for a short period as I believe it’s very expensive, I can also go to New Zealand, not sure if I need a visa yet though or I will travel South Asia and come back into Thailand for the last 30 day, maybe the last 15 days as I’ve heard if you come back in overland the visa is for only 15 days. I need to do some research.

Anyway take care. Keep watching my videos as I earn £ from them, although in my first 2 years at YouTube I’ve earned only 80 pence. It is getting better though.