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After a four-hour detour around lake Luzern, I had a look around the station and checked the map. This time I headed along the other side of the lake. I stopped outside the Luzern stadium and bought a very expensive bottle of pop, I asked for a coke at first and the server gave me a generic brand I told her I wanted coke a cola and she told me it was Swiss coke. I ended up with 500ml sprite for 3.50, there was a cash machine nearby so I withdrew some cash and pushed on as I just knew the rest of this country would be expensive. The roads were smooth and fairly flat, I passed through Horwad and got to Stans. I was cycling right next to the motorway but on the side of the lake, cars went into a tunnel and cyclists have to go around the water’s edge, I had the Alps all around me, those really high ones with snow on. The road came out from the mountain and was tiered, I was on the lower tier with the traffic coming towards me but I was in Switzerland and cyclists have their own roads so no worries there.

[caption id="attachment_467" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Luzern_LookingBack Looking back on the lakeside road.[/caption]

I passed two divers preparing to dive in the lake both had dry suits on, sensible as I bet the lake was freezing. I gestured the okay sign as I approached them and got the okay sign back, a woman who was with them laughed as we exchanged our hand signals. Just after Stans I was heading for Engelberg but soon found out this was not the route for cyclists. I looked at the map at a nearby tram station and it would involve going over the peak of the Alps, well at least one of them. I had to go via Altdorf 32km away which would be around the mountain. I set off in the right direction, passing an airstrip where a radio controlled plane was doing some impressive manoeuvres, at first I thought it was a real plane from a long way off but some of the stunts were too much for a real plans.

[caption id="attachment_468" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Luzern_Across-The-Lake Cycling next to the beautiful lake.[/caption]

There was an amazing wooden bridge at the end of the airport, I sat on a bench next to it for a while and ate a banana, I was next to a really fast river which had a small beach, I contemplated sleeping on the little beach but the noise of the water flowing was loud and I don’t think I would have slept. Two lads turned up on dirt bikes and were riding up and down the bike path making a racket so I carried on going through the Swiss bridge. Only ten minutes passed and I picked up a sign for a campsite so followed it to TCS Camping Buochs Vierwaldstattersee twenty francs for the night, I was absolutely exhausted and lost so I stayed.

[caption id="attachment_302" align="alignnone" width="836"]Swiss_Bridge Wooden Swiss bridge over a rapid river.[/caption] Sharing is caring! If you enjoyed this article then please share this post to social media. Sharing buttons are below. Get notifications of new posts by email. Just add your email address to the subscription box at the bottom of the page. Thank You.

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