Days Off

On my first day off I intended to plan my next steps, being male this resulted in very little other than pondering my options with a beer. I could go from Luxembourg into Germany as suggested by Andre back at Roubiax, then Switzerland or France, Switzerland. However Switzerland is known for being hilly and expensive, although beautiful. I really must get back on Anne Mustoe’s original route and go to France. Missing out Switzerland to save money.

Whilst waiting for my burger and chips at the campsite burger van I got chatting with a guy that visits Thailand a lot and said the Stans would be freezing cold by the time I got there as it’ll be winter, my sleeping bag is not that good now never mind winter. So it looks like a flight from Istanbul to Bangkok although I’ll need to get a visa first. The cost would be similar as visas, food etc would be around £400 and a flight might be cheaper.

I attempted to edit video I had taken the GoPro, which is proving to be difficult and time consuming I updated the blog before making savory rice for lunch. The weather has held out but the forecast is rain so booked another night at the site that means I’ll leave on Sunday 24th which is a 3 night stay.

Struggled to get all my gadgets charged and will need to buy a separate USB charger for times when I’m near a plug, also unsure if the lava mic is working and the monopod twists with the GoPro on so everything is upside down, I’ll have to gaffa tape it. I relaxed and as I had WiFi uploaded the videos I had done to YouTube, just need to decided how often to update blog, so much to write-up from my journal.

Ventured on the bus today only €2 to town, had a good look around although it was dull and rained, took photos and bought a USB charger. Just before I returned to the campsite I bought some packet food as it’s easier to carry. I enjoyed the time off from cycling and the sight-seeing was fun. Just as I got back it lashed it down, so sat inside next to a plug and charged my gadgets.

Carbonara and coffee for tea, a caravan had setup either side of me, I hope there not noisy. Turns out there were and someone even tripped over my guy lines in the night , waking me up.