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Corn Field

Continue Straight On!

But it’s a corn field, now I knew the navigation App was set to keep me off busy roads and aim for cycle paths but a corn field, okay there was a path and it had bike tracks on, so perhaps it was a short cut (by the way if a short cut is shorter why isn’t it just they way). What happened over the next 2 hours was going to be one of those life lessons.

1. As a man I admit I don’t ask directions, after all I’m in Belgium and don’t really speak the lingo.

2. Turning back was not an option, after all I wanted adventure, plus I had watch Bear Grylls on Netflix.

Cycling through the corn field was fine I just stayed in the middle of the track on the hump that’s created when tractors go up and down. In fact at one point I had huge corn on one side and a field of Brussels sprouts on the other and had to chuckle that I was actually in Brussels as well as near Brussels. I turned right and was parallel to a busy motorway and the track turned to grass with narrow bike tracks cut into it, I made the error of trying to ride in one of these grooves, got stuck and came off the bike with a big thud, I landed awkward on my side bruising a rib or two (still hurts a week later). I picked myself and the bike up, reattached the panniers and continued on foot. This was the point of no return but with hindsight I most definitely should have turned back. The big clue that I should have returned the way I came was a guy covered in mud on a BMX bike flying past me shouting something in what I can only assume to be French or Flemish, I couldn’t translate it so continued on.

This is probably time to view the video as my description may not be as good!

I had managed to get myself onto a Pro BMX track, think steep hills in a forest with mud everywhere. Remember 20 mins ago it had pissed it down. I went under the motorway and it got worse, at one point I came out of the forest onto the hard shoulder of the motorway and walked against the traffic to a clearing where I could see someone jogging. Luckily I didn’t get caught or killed. I managed to find an information board with a map of the forest and BMX track on and walked out into a lovely park. At last I had arrived in Brussels.

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