Compulsory Christmas Post

wpid verona bike alley - Compulsory Christmas Post

Do you have a Google account maybe you have a Gmail account, some people like myself are Google advocates and use Google for almost everything online. If you have an Android device then you will have a Google account, these accounts are free but Goggle have 2 very spooky website addresses.

I have always been a gadget person and use Google Now asking Google questions like “do I need a jacket” and Google will reply with a weather update, there are hundreds of Google Voice commands you can use and itˋs almost like that computer in Star Trek, thereˋs so many devices that started life as a gadget on the show. So for a long time now Iˋve been asking Google questions and I recently discovered Google has kept everything Iˋve ever said. Type the following into your Google Chrome web browser when logged into you Google account to see everything youˋve ever said to Google including those drunken requests.

So whatever next! Well I think most of us carry our Android phones or tablets around with us. Hereˋs something which is really creepy, Google have been tracking your every move. Type in the following to your Chrome Browser whilst logged into your Google account, for a historic timeline of everywhere youˋve been with your device. Use the calendar to change the date to find out where youˋve been.

Thatˋs really creepy.

I wonder if any of you have this same problem, I will download a new App to try to almost immediately the App has been installed I get a pop up asking me to “Rate the App” what am I suppose to say. “Your App downloaded really well” At the very least they should give you time to use the bloody thing.

Iˋve also noted there is no such thing as a free App, I think in the future we will all become bankrupt because of Micro Payments. 1.99 to get rid of ads to 2.99 to add-on an extra bit that without renders the app useless. Then thereˋs the adverts, crickey I wouldnˋt mind if they were in English but No as “Location” is switched on, it thinks I am actually Spanish. Although the adverts for Russian brides in Spanish do look funny.

Gosh! Iˋm on a roll this evening, this might be due to the fact itˋs Christmas Eve night and Iˋm bored stupid.

Today is the Two Thousand and Fifteenth Christmas, I think, please correct me if Iˋm wrong. Is it just me or do people use Social Media to portray a life thatˋs, well, edited. Do people post what they think other people want to see or is everyone that Happy, Drunk, In an Amazing location, Oh look at the sunset etc. Has anyone else noticed that when a relationship breaks down both parties post that being single is amazing and look at the fun Iˋm now having. I really donˋt understand this as after a recent study which has lasted for 75 years, yes 75 years has concluded that the secret to long life, health and happiness has nothing to do with money, career or status the sole thing that provided the most health and happiness is relationships.

So 2016 is around the corner and lots of people are reflecting on 2015. Channel five will show programmes like Britain’s top 100 sheds just to fill a slot. I am going to avoid reflecting on 2015 as it will depress me, I am however going to look forward to a New Year with New Plans. I don´t want to keep you in suspense about my pending new year plans but Iˋll have to tell you next time.

Happy New Year, Christmas, Easter; Birthday etc.