Did You Know I Am A Technology Coach

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Always willing to help with Tech

So what is a technology coach?

Well the actual definition is to provide leadership, assistance, and mentoring in the integration of technology and communication tools. This is a fair description but as a 20 year veteran in technology I am able to offer a more hands on and practical approach. What I am not is the guy that comes to fix your printer or rewire and configure your network servers.

Tech-Sixty has been designed to help you get things done and generate visitor interest and activity.

Website Design and Technical Support is time-consuming and expensive?

Not anymore! As the owner of Tech-Sixty I wanted to become a digital nomad and be location independent and by harnessing the power of the Internet I can provide you with a bespoke service at a lower cost. I keep my overheads to an absolute minimum and pass the savings onto you, there’s no corporate office rent or shareholders to please, just you as the client.

Tech-Sixty is a Digital Nomad Outsourcing Service.

Website Design, Windows 10 Home Edition Support & Android Support

Do you want to start blogging, need a website to promote your business or maybe want to generate a passive income.

Sometimes it’s just nice for someone to take over the reins and allow you to get on with life.

In June 2016 I became a digital nomad, I started by going on an adventure. I cycled 1000 km to Amsterdam got on a plane and flew to Asia, Malaysia and Indonesia. I popped back to the UK to celebrate my mothers birthday with a week in Gran Canaria. This was followed by a micro-adventure to the Arctic Circle and now I’m back in Malaysia.

Why am I telling you this, Mainly because whilst I’m on this adventure I am able to continue working. As long as I have access to my Laptop and occasionally an internet connection, I can do lots of productive tasks. This has given me more time to be able to not only see the world but the ability to help others free up some valuable time.

Most of us swop time for money, we are usually stuck in one place (our office) where we return to-day after day. When I worked in a distribution centre near London I started work at 7 am and didn’t leave until 7 pm mainly because there was so much to do. Looking back on my career, there were so many things I could have outsourced to free up my time.

Outsourcing isn’t a new idea but it is one which a lot of people tend to overlook. An example is a friend of mine works in an office environment and has 2 very young children, so she and her husband can spend all weekend with the kids they employ a cleaner. My friend says that the cleaner costs less than a few hours of her salary and therefore it is cost-effective to pay a cleaner to be able to spend a weekend with the children.

Photographers and Videographers spend countless hours in front of a computer screen editing and colour correcting images. White balancing an image is extremely easy so they could outsource all this screen time to be able to grow their business or better still be out shooting more weddings etc.

See my point? There will be lots of things that you do or want to do but just don’t have the time. So this is an opportunity for me to be able to free up some of your time. Check out my services page for an overview of what I offer but if what you are thinking is not there, still get in touch as you never know.