Mud Glorious Mud

I was woken around 11pm with rain hitting my face, thunder and lightning in the distance so I grabbed the tarp and covered myself up to keep dry. This proved to be difficult, as I was on a slight incline and I must have slid down when I was asleep so the bottom of the bivi bag was sticking out in the rain, also the tarp was touching my face and gathering pools of water on the outside so I was kept awake by the constant need to lift the tarp up to get rid of the build up of water.

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Bikes and Trains.

London Bridge Sunrise

Quite surprisingly the journey to London was pleasant, I chatted to someone on his way to a job interview at guide dogs for the blind who had backpacked through Africa and I listened in on other people’s conversations to pass the time. I had the only bike on the train that day but it seems not many people take their bikes on such a long train journey, which was all the better for me.

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Press Release

John will travel from Blackpool to London, from London he will re-trace the route taken in 1984 by Anne Mustoe. This route will take him through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Turkey then due to recent visa restrictions in Iran he will have to take a 2500km detour through Georgia, Azerbaijan across the Caspian sea to Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan and into China where he will head to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

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