Preparing For Brexit

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I’ve been pondering writing this post for a while now and finally sat down and got on with it. That also seems like what most of the population is doing right now “waiting”. This post is no discussion on what side of the fence I’m on or what the outcome should be. It was originally a list I made up for myself and I thought I would adapt it and share it.

There are a few assumptions here and it’s based on what I need to do for myself and my immediate family. Your situation could be different and most likely is, the main message is you should be preparing for March 29th.

Life or Death

Okay, it may not be all that bad! But what if there is a shortage of drugs & medical supplies immediately after March 29th.

Step one is to preserve life “yours” Ask your doctor to prescribe you larger quantities of any medication you’re taking and start stockpiling. Ideally, a 6-month stock would be your aim but being realistic that’s unlikely to happen. So if you can manage to stockpile even a few weeks it’ll make a huge difference. A lot of medication will not have a long shelf life so take this into consideration. Also, ensure you have a basic first aid kit with a stockpile of off the shelf remedies and cures.


I have no idea what the financial markets will do or if the utility companies will have issues. I do know that someone is buying oil from companies the UK has never done business with before and is stockpiling it. Hopefully, this means that the heating will stay on. However, can I rely on the utility companies, not really! So I bought some £29 portable heaters, (the ones fishermen use) and gas.

I looked at changing my electricity and gas to a better deal, one which has a fixed monthly price. This didn’t transpire as apparently I already use very little of both so it would not be cost effective. You, on the other hand, may decide to lock in a deal.

I also spoke with my mortgage provider and have arranged that in the event of the financial sector having a wobble my mortgage payments can be frozen for up to a year. This will free up cash which I can use for more important stuff.


A lot of this has fallen from the sky recently but I’ve just bought some bottled water and stuck them under the stairs. I also have a water filter so if there is an issue with the mains supply I can filter some of my own.


We could all be living off seasonal products soon as imports may get in a bit of a pickle. I have started adding some extras to my weekly shop. I have stuck to basics like tinned foodstuff, rice and anything with a long shelf life. I can’t afford to stockpile 6 months of food but just add a little extra each shopping trip.

The Rest

We have an abundance of candles but I did buy some batteries for our flashlights and checked they worked. I have also dug out all our camping gear and sorted it into useful items. I was surprised to discover that we have a complete mobile kitchen albeit without the microwave.

I still have a few things on my list like sorting through our wardrobes to keeping the car topped up with fuel, although I don’t rely on my car for anything. I will be putting together a get home kit and an EDC bag. After all no-one is able to tell us what will happen when March 29th finally arrives. If there’s no change, which I doubt then it won’t have been a futile exercise it’ll have been a wake-up call to pay more attention to what our government is up to.

Good Luck