Achy And Grumpy

Valley Views

This morning I was in Dabo it turns out I had cycled and pushed up to 650m above sea level, I was achy and grumpy.

It was 13:33 I’m just outside Wasselone on the D224 having lunch, I opted for Plat Due Jour at €8.20, blown the budget again but you’d spend more than that in a Mac Donald’s. The starter was strips of ham, almost like bacon but without the fat in oils and vinegar with lettuce and boiled eggs with the compulsory delicious bread. Main course was breaded chicken ham and cheese, veg which was like thick vegetable soup and chips with more delicious bread.

So back to this morning, if someone had said let’s go home, I would, but there wasn’t so I took two hours to pack up the tent and load the bike, the panniers I had bought from decathlon seemed to be designed to stay on the bike, they were cumbersome and hard to put on the rack when full. I should have found some Ortlieb panniers, I’ve met cyclists with them and there a dream come true. I fitted the bar ends I got from Jeremy the technician in Namur.

Almost immediately I had to push the bike up hill, after an hour or two I rode through a forest and came to a sign which said I was 650m above sea level which explains the pain over the past two days. Finally I was heading down. For the next 10 km I shot down hill through a gorgeous forest, with a blue sky and awesome views.

I passed a huge timber yard and stopped to watch the machinery turn a tree into some planks, you could see the whole process through the fence. I followed the river Mossig to Wasselone, at one point I was over taken by a cheeky girl on her bike. I didn’t catch her she was too fast for me. My mood had lifted, although I still ached like hell, so it was time for a rest.

The D45 slowly turned into another D road No:43 I think, there were more hills a couple I had to push up. The cables on the bike have stretched a bit on the gears, so I’ll soon be doing a six-week check within the first week of owning the bike. I’m getting the riding position better and have raised the seat. There was one big black cloud following me all afternoon and I stopped in several bus shelters when I thought it was going to rain, one such bus shelter was opposite a cemetery with huge headstones, who spends all the money on these headstones as the dead person will never get to see it.

The roof tiles on the houses opposite were crooked, no doubt there suppose to be that way but looked odd. The road changed to a busy almost motorway type but I picked up a good cycle path and kept going until it turned to gravel, I then went onto the shoulder for a while, at one point the cycle path just turned into a pavement and started to get narrow, to avoid bumping into a silver hair frail old lady wearing a dark blue cardigan, I went down a lowered kerb at a crossing and was nearly hit by a Renault Espace. I came to a red traffic light on a steep hill and couldn’t cycle further so pushed the bike on the pavement passed a very nice chocolatiers.

It turns out that as a cyclist you can’t go on the D1004 as it’s a motorway, I learnt this from a passing cyclist who told me I have to take a 2km detour. I was getting good at detours, this one would prove prosperous. I had followed some cycle paths to the west of Strasbourg, I missed a few turns and ended up going through a village which would lead me to the D422, well I found €85 on the road, that’ll take some pressure off. I picked up some supplies from a supermarket buying Frosties and milk, there was a campsite close by so I checked in.