A Taxi Would be Cheaper

I locked my bike to a post outside the railway station, not that it would secure any of my belongings, there were some strange-looking characters hanging around the station. I went into the ticket office, there was a girl with piercings in her face and my dads work boots, in front of me and a young girl at the counter who was completing an exam length form, she finally finished, with the rather large guy behind the counter who obviously had sat there everyday from 08:30 until 17:30 having an hour for lunch for the past 30 years, he enjoyed his food, giving the girl her student railcard. He then went to file the forms. The girl in front of me asked a quick question and within 10 second was done.

My turn “one to Luxembourg with a bike please” “Luxembourg, Bike” he said in a tone your worse teacher would say. He then spent the next 15 mins tapping keys on his keyboard, I couldn’t see the screen so he could have been playing Tetris for all I knew, I just wondered if I’d have a bike and belongings to take on this train. “22.60” he said. What it’s an 18 min journey. Turns out it’s 12 for me and 10.60 for the bike. I paid and made a mental note, that the more keys they press and the longer it takes the more it’ll cost, I was also in the ticket office longer than the train journey.  Then the fun started, and why don’t they tell you the trouble you’re about to get yourself into before you buy the ticket. Score one nil to the fat controller.

Arlon is a war town its architecture which is stunning is stuck in 1945 and the railway station must be held in high regard as it’s being completely restored to it’s 1940’s glory. So no lifts, I struggled to stop the bike cascading down the stairs into the subway below the platforms. I then nearly pulled something carrying the bike and luggage up 2 flights of stairs to platform 2, whilst being watched by the staff. Although their uniform is hilarious, think of the policeman out of allo allo and you’re spot on. Things didn’t get any better when the train arrives as it was 3 foot up into the train’s bicycle compartment situated at the very front. I stayed with the bike for the 18 mins to Gare De Luxembourg, on arrival the conductor did help me off the train.

I cycled the 12 miles to Canton, Luxembourg campsite where I will now have 2 possibly 3 days off.