5:30am Alarm

London TowerBridge - 5:30am Alarm

Listen to the Sound of Falling Rain

I woke at 02:00 to the sound of heavy rain, I had set my alarm for 05:30 as I wanted to get close to Canterbury so I could have a look round tomorrow before it got busy, but as it was pouring down I reset the alarm for 08:30 only to wake at 05:00 so decided to just get up.

I could hear the rain dripping off the trees but it wasn’t hitting the tent so I thought it had stopped and I started to pack everything up and as I was loading the bike the heavens opened again. (It’s that fine rain that soaks you through.) As I left the campsite early I encountered the gate that only opens halfway and got wedged with my bike and panniers the only way to get through was to fall off the bike and push it through in front of me, all this in the rain.

Rain shower

It was 07:00 by the time I was on the road and it rained until 08:30 I had to keep stopping to clean the rain off my glasses The only annoying thing was my panniers made my bike too wide to fit through the barriers on the cycle paths and everyone was a challenge to get around.

I stopped outside a church in Crayford at 09:00, sat on the wall and ate a tuna pasta snack for breakfast, my back was aching but I carried on following the national cycling network 1 and 77, although I missed a few turns and kept getting lost. As the sun came out I used the navigation app to get back on track, this made things easier and I stopped every hour or so for a rest. I had to get off and push up some of the hills, especially near Rochester, there was one like that old Hovis advert, back on the A2 Watling Street an old Roman Rd. I rode across Rochester bridge, unfortunately my GoPro was flat so couldn’t film it.

At 12:00 I stopped in a bike park next to the A2 for a rest, lunch, dry my tent and dump some stuff in a bin as the bike was too heavy.  I ate another tuna snack and as many cereal bars as I could.

Somewhere Near The A2