3rd June 2021 – Decision Made

Welcome back to the Travel Diaries and to a new beginning, yesterday I had my 2nd vaccine, and although no one really knows what is going on I have decided to have another adventure. I am not going to let the cat out of the bag just yet, however, it is going to involve cycle touring. I have three short tours (130, 171, 170 miles) planned, these are to test out my health, fitness, bike, and equipment. 

I need to back up just a little but not too far that I lose you. This will also include some personal information but I need to accept and move on. This year has been extremely lonely, since 2004 I have never been alone. There have always been relatives, friends, or colleagues around to chat and socialize with, not that I’m a big socializer. Lockdown has been brutal as I was isolated, going back to my part-time job in the outdoors store was a relief but something is missing.

One of my dilemmas is whether to grab the GoPro and record these adventures or just hit the road with a journal and pen. I once met a couple at the Coronas Playa, Lanzarote who told me that they have not taken a photo for 25 years, they feel it spoils the experience. I am starting to think that spending hours filming, editing, and uploading doesn’t add to the adventure, I enjoy photography but have neglected it over the past few years. I will therefore set myself a personal project of one great photo every day, the challenge being that I have to find that one shot every day. 

I am now going to be very busy as there are a lot of ducks to get in a row, sorting, packing, clearing out and of course maps. I have a rough idea of the first route as I have cycled it before, it will be the Lancashire Cycle Way Northern Loop. There are a few changes to this cycling adventure and the big one is zero budget, well as close as possible to zero. If Tom Allen can cycle LEJOG over 20 days with no money whatsoever then I can do 3 lots of 3 Days, well possibly 3 lots of 4 Days. 

The second tour will be Blackpool to Bridlington returning along Hadrian’s Wall a total of 341 miles officially, I imagine it will take me a little longer as I have a habit of getting lost.

Initially, my gear will be the minimum, something along the lines of a Sleeping Bag, Bivi Bag, Inflatable Mat & Toiletries. I know doubt will write about what gear I require as the bare minimum in a future post.

I am ready to go on the first tour I just need 3 or 4 days off in a row and then I can set off. 

Planned Route

As part of the planning I have added Train Stations to the map and then if I have to bug out and come home I know where to head for. I only managed part of the route last time but feel confident and this time I am not going to attempt to get around in only one day.

The Last Attempt

I feel better now that I have made the decision to go cycle touring and have a better understanding of my own plan, no cumbersome equipment, just me the bicycle, and nature. Perfect!

Until Next Time