I contemplated about writing a blog at New Year and thought long and hard about what I would talk about? Do I reflect on the previous year or do I focus on the New Year and what I want to get out of it. One thing is for sure I would love to see a huge development in predictive text and auto correction, why? Well writing a blog on a Google nexus 7 tablet, especially after the update to lollipop is a pain in the arse, like the name lollipop it sucks.

It’s 17:25 on New Years Eve and soon I’ll be going out to Rancho Texas in Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote, so this blog won’t be completed today.

So what did I achieve in 2014, of course it has to be my Adventure at Fifty project of cycling solo from London to Venice. I did have plans to continue but as you may already know the money ran out. Meeting the Belotti family was the best unexpected event of the year and goes to show that there are some amazing people in the world. My daughter turning 18 was a huge moment especially as the photos in my wallet are now 10 years old, it’s amazing how fast time slips by. My mother who backpacked France at 74, shows that if you put your mind to it you can create adventure and some great memories at any time in life. The worst part of 2014 was of course getting caught up in the NHS system and being out of work for over a year when it should have been only 3 months if they had operated when I returned from Italy in 2013. In the end 2014 past by and taught me a great deal.

2015 will start as a way to save money for my next adventure, I’m working in Lanzarote, which is an experience! I have already started back on the road to becoming an instructor for PADI and as soon as my cold goes I’ll be back under the ocean. This week I’ll write out a bucket list for the year, I’ve never made New Year resolutions but I want to achieve a lot this year. My project for the end of this year is to cycle across Asia from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur, this will take a huge amount of planning and I’ve got to get it spot on. I have set up a Facebook event to see if anyone wants to join me.

My 2015 bucket list:-

Improve my Spanish
Complete my OWSI Open Water Scuba Instructor course
Dive with the Submarine in Lanzarote
Cycle across Asia
Create an income stream from website building and maintenance
Meet a Woman crazy enough to join me on my Adventures

So I hope all your dreams and plans come true, I learnt that the biggest step is the first one.

Here’s to a great 2015