Amsteg and the Alps

Route Blocked - Amsteg and the Alps

I arrived in Amsteg at 07:39 it was cold and dull, school children were waiting for buses and people were heading to work. The village was 510 m above sea level but was in a valley which didn’t seem like it would get much sun, the mountains were steep on each side with snow on top. I came across a tea room which was open so stopped for breakfast. I had only been cycling about an hour since I got up and had not eaten or drank anything. I ordered coffee and a pastry and sat outside, I knew it was 07:39 by the time printed on the receipt. There were lots of people coming and going and most of them had orange boiler suites on, which I later discovered was the work wear of the local hydroelectric power plant.


The road from Amsteg to Goschenen was upwards, it was steep at first but then became easier. The scenery was amazing, pine trees, fast flowing rivers with huge white boulders in them, waterfalls and snow-capped mountains. There were times when I was cold and had to put a fleece on and times sweat was pouring off me. Although I stopped hundreds of times I managed to cycle all the way, not once did I get off and push. I went through village after village, always in the lowest gear and always up. In Wassen I bought some milk to drink and a croissant as they were the cheapest things in the shop.


On reaching Goschenen I discovered the cycling route was closed due to snow and a train was the only option. I decided I had done enough cycling for the day and would get the train all the way to Bellinzona which is 79 km away a good day and a half of cycling. I bought my ticket from the machines next to the Matterhorn train which goes further up the Alps to Andermatt, then noticed the stairs to the subway, I really couldn’t be bothered going down loads of stairs just to go back up. So I found a railway employee and asked if I could cross the track, he was very helpful. I had to wait for the train which was already in the station to leave and then I could cross the track. That was incredibly easy, I wish I could have done that at previous stations.


On arrival at Bellinzona the announcements were in Italian so I must be close to the border. I pushed the bike outside the station and sat in the sun for a while. Bellinzona was lovely a thriving town with people going about their business. I checked the navigation app for a campsite, I was in luck, there was one about half a mile away on the other side of the station. I managed to find a small tunnel under the railway tracks and find the sign for camping, only problem was when I got to the place the campsite was supposed to be it had turned into a recycling centre, someone had just left the signs up for the campsite. I headed for Cadenazzo where there should be another campsite. I followed route 311 which took me through Bellinzona, I stopped in a park to eat my tuna sandwich and have a rest. The mountains which were behind me had vanished into a black cloud and I could hear thunder so I pushed on to stay ahead of the storm. I found a campsite called Yogi and Boo Boos, I cycled round it and it was awful. I was approach by a woman who looked a mess and told it was 25 francs a night, I wouldn’t have stayed if it was 5 francs a night it was disgusting . I carried on until I came across another campsite in the middle of a cornfield, it was 20 francs but had a nice restaurant, a bar, a pool and free WiFi. So I booked in for 2 nights, to rest and clean up. Fabio the guy in charge was great and let me choose my own spot in the wooded area so I could set up my hammock and get a comfy nights sleep. I decided to have some food before setting up camp and went to the restaurant.


The restaurant looked closed, there were five people sat at the back chatting but no one was at the bar, I took a menu and sat down. It wasn’t long before Francesco the head chef appeared, I told him I was hungry but wasn’t sure what to have, he suggested a beer and a pizza, that sounded good to me so I agreed. It turns out Francesco was Italian, he told me the owner of the campsite was Italian too. The weather was odd it was sunny over the campsite but really dark clouds covering the mountains, I just hope it would stay dry until I set up my hammock. As I started to eat my pizza it rained, although I could still see sunshine the rain was clearly visible hitting the pool. It was still raining when I set the hammock up, for some reason I couldn’t get the setup right, too high, too low, too tight and when I did get in my hammock I couldn’t get comfy, after 10 mins I had to get out and readjust it. I ended up closer to the ground and facing the opposite direction but finely was comfy. There was a thunder-storm early in the night and I wondered what would happen if lighting struck one of the trees I was attached to.


I slept until 11:00 am the longest I’ve slept in a while, last night I had a nice hot shower before bed but my clothes needed washing. I didn’t have any francs for the machine so decided to hand wash my cragg hoppers and a T-shirt, so at least I’d have something clean to wear. I hung them on my ridge line to dry but when it started raining again, I moved them under the tarp, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be cycling on from here in damp clothes. I’m a bit at a loss today, not sure what to do as I’ve no cash and in a valley of corn, so no cash machine, I’ve no food, incredibly thirsty and my tablet is flat. I can’t check my bank balance but have to pay for everything on my debit card. I’m all fingers and thumbs today and have to do everything twice, I’m also a bit lonely.

I’m guessing that the campsite is fairly high up as it’s chilly and now misty, I’m waiting, for what I’m not sure. Maybe it’s for my clothes to dry or my muscles to stop aching, a coffee would be nice but I’ve no gas canister. All the shops only sell push on gas canisters and mine is a screw fitting. I can’t build a fire as the wood is damp and it would take ages, in other words I can’t be bothered. I manage to check my bank balance and decided to have a big lunch in the restaurant to cheer myself up. I had a laugh in the restaurant Francesco was on form and made me a fantastic ravioli, I ordered ravioli with ricotta and spinach but they didn’t have any, so Francesco offered me a bigger portion of ravioli carne instead, I agreed. Francesco’s ravioli was excellent and more than enough but I still managed tiramisu and a coffee. I chatted with the staff the owner is from Puerto in Portugal and everyone else is from Italy, everyone kept recommending places to visit on my journey. So a good few hours spent in the restaurant, so now time for a siesta.

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1000 Stone Steps


The views are always spectacular but getting from A to B can sometimes be a little difficult. I was 1472m above sea level and about to descend to 436m via an awful lot of steps. It was a killer going down, the path started off well, the steps were large and the bike fitted on each step. After about 20 minutes of going down, the steps got narrower and steeper. I had to be on the brakes all the time to prevent the bike from running away. I hasten to add I wasn’t sat on the bike more like hanging on to the side of it, gripping the handlebars until my knuckles bled. There were some big steps, wide steps, curved steps, places with no steps just pieces of wood, luckily though there were places to sit and rest every few hundred yards. I think I stopped at every bench and every place I stopped I was cursing myself for being so stupid but I kept going down as there was no chance of going back up with all the gear I had.

Punishing Steps

Somewhere nearer to the bottom than the top I heard a spoke sound, just like when kids used to put a clothes peg on the frame with a playing card touching the spoke so when the wheel went round it made an awful noise. Turned out my front rack had snapped and was clanging on the spokes, I noticed the noise just as I got to another bench so luckily I stopped before any major damage had occurred. I inspected the damage and discovered one side of the rack had snapped at the weld, I took the pannier off and whilst I was removing the broken frame two people carrying their bikes up the steps stopped for a chat. They told me I had descended 1000 metres and had 200 to go before getting into Bauen. I took everything out of the pannier and redistributed it across the three remaining ones and then struggled down to the village.


The village of Bauen was very Swiss looking, it had a jetty where the ferry to Fluelen stopped a dozen times a day. On the jetty just where you would expect a ticket office there was a fish and chip shop, I bought a cornetto from the kiosk and sat on a bench for a while absorbing the views and recovering from my mountain descent. I couldn’t figure out how the owner had come up with the prices for the fish and chips. Fish 9 francs, Fish and Chips 9.50 francs, Chips 6 francs, so I’d recommend you sort out your order before asking. The Swiss know how to fleece you though, as nothing is cheap. I propped the bike against a stone wall in between a bin and the bus shelter, there was a fast stream behind the wall running into the lake. The side of the lake was grass and there were a dozen or so people lounging in the sun having picnics or reading, another ideal place to wild camp but it wasn’t late enough and it was too busy. I took everything out of the remaining panniers and laid it out on the wall. I removed the rest of the front rack, sorted through my stuff and filled the bin. I managed to get everything that was left into the back panniers.


I setoff with extremely light steering along the water’s edge, instead of cycling through the road tunnels I took the path next to the water and into what seemed like grottos. There were some potential sleeping spots so I didn’t go too far just in case I wanted to double back and sleep in one of them. I came across a grass patch and a wall below the road, then a log shelter by the lake, above me was a car park and about 100m away a boat yard. Ideal place to sleep but my only concern was a guy sat on an orange chair on the pebble beach next to the lake. He was sat next to a stack of orange chairs, he was just sat on his own by the water’s edge, no fishing rod just his mobile phone. I decided to cycle on and could come back later if need be.


It didn’t seem long before I was cycling into Altdorf and arriving at the railway station. There was a Pronto shop outside so I bought a sandwich, I picked the cheapest but it was still 4.95 and a coke zero which I’ve had a craving for recently. It was getting dark so I went and sat on the platform and ate my tea. I looked at the train times and the next train south was in two hours, so I put my visi jacket on, switched my lights on and kept going. I had found route three easy enough when leaving the station and it was next to the road rather than on it so I continued in the dark. My front light is really bad so if I’m going to start riding at night I need to buy some KC Daylighters. Just over an hour later I was surrounded by fields, the main road was in the distance off to my right. The street lights had gone and as my lights were useless I had to find somewhere to sleep and quickly. I came across a bench on the side of the cycle path so decided just to sleep on it.

2007-03-03 21.09.51

It was a full moon and when I rode into Altdorf it was behind a mountain peak it was now in full view. I arranged the bike so it was propped up at the front of the bench, I couldn’t put it behind as there was three posts, white with writing on and an electric fence. I lay my sleeping mat down, used my tent as a pillow. I had put all my waterproof clothes on to keep warm and lay staring at the full moon in an almost clear sky. It was the first time in my life I could clearly see the man on the moon. I lay there for what seemed like an eternity and a car drove past. I was on a single track road and the bench was set back only a few feet, so they would have seen me. I was on edge for a while then must have nodded off, I woke and noticed the moon had moved across the sky quite a bit, I made a mental note to look up how this works, Earth 24 hrs, Moon 28 days?

N.B I have just looked up the details on how far the moon moves and it moves it’s own diameter approximately every hour, so if that is the case I had slept for around five hours.

I was cold so got into my sleeping bag and put the ground sheet over the bike and back of the bench, making a little den which would keep the rain off. Another car went past, I decided just to get some sleep. When I woke up the moon had moved from my left to my right so I thought it would soon be light and I must have slept for a long time. I could hear a dog barking, cow bells, so the cows were up, in the distance I could hear a train pass, traffic on the main road was getting busier so it must be nearly daylight. I heard a thud but couldn’t see anything, it turned out to be apples falling from a tree opposite me. I dozed off only to be woken by another car going passed, I noticed the lights come on in the house I was near and someone opened a window. I thought it was a farm-house and they were getting up for the day, I dozed off again and the next time I woke up it was daylight. It was now overcast, another two cars went passed so I got up, a cyclist went passed as I started to pack up and said hello. It then started to rain so I got under my groundsheet to keep dry. I sat on the bench under my groundsheet for a couple of minutes before deciding to move on. The cycle path was excellent and within a few minutes I came across an area I could have easily pitched my tent, so I slept on a bench almost next to a free camping pitch.

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Swiss Valleys

SwissLake - Swiss Valleys

I’m absolutely exhausted and lost! I’ve stopped at a restaurant with a breathtaking view and prices to match. I’ve given up caring, the past three hours have been all up hill. I’m going to eat, drink and recharge my batteries and I’ve spotted a plug socket so will charge my tablet too. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if there is 1 x plug socket on the bill as I’m in Switzerland. The restaurant is called Traumli at first glance I thought it said trauma and it’s the first food outlet I’ve seen since 10:00 it’s now 14:00. The restaurant was busy, well outside anyway I pushed my bike around the building to be able to get it up on the patio. I picked a table but moved when a spot near the plug socket became available.

I asked what the special was, the waitress spoke good English and took my order, a beer, gnocchi with carbonara followed by a coffee.


This morning started out very pleasant, I was woken from a very deep sleep by the sound of church bells which seemed to echo along the valley and across the lake. I thought that someone should really synchronise the church clocks. I lay in my sleeping bag although a bit tangled until 07:30, drifting off then when a church bell rang which was every fifteen minutes waking up suddenly. I could even hear the cows eating as they all had bells on. I packed everything in the tent away then hit the shower block, I should’ve taken my GoPro as there was a vending machine in the gents selling condoms and a Travel Pussy, perhaps they are for lonely travellers and I would love to see how they work but didn’t have the 5 franc coin needed. If I did, of course I would have bought one.

Heading back to the tent I looked inside one of the electricity hook up boxes and could have kicked myself as they had normal plugs in. I could easily have charged all my gadgets overnight, so I plugged my tablet in until I packed the tent away. I said goodbye to my new motor home buddies who I met the day before and headed toward Altdorf or so I thought. When I cycled to the campsite I was convinced I passed a coop supermarket, on the way out I didn’t see it. I did stop at a bakery for coffee but the machine had no water in it, so I carried on to the main road and found cycle route 3. I came across a steam boat pier which had an amazing bakery opposite so I grabbed a pastry and coffee and sat on a wall watched the ferry come in. I saw people disembark and then board, the ferry was heading to the end of the lake, so was I but it would take me a lot longer to get there. I actually know where I went wrong as the sign for route 3 pointed left, into the lake. I cycled down a ramp towards another ferry pier but it wasn’t due for another 2 hours so decided to continue on the road along the water’s edge.


I was heading to Emmetten which was so high up a paragliding company has set up business just outside of town and for 109 francs you can descend under a parachute for 15 minutes back down to the lake. Emmetten 1028m to 1578m above sea level and what I thought would be a simple right turn to Altdorf, but no, there was a mountain in the way. I looked at the time-table on a bus stop and the buses go from Emmetten to Seelisberg then onto Brannon which is on the road to Altdorf. I cycled, pushed and coasted until 14:00 hrs when I came across the Traumli restaurant.


I’m sure the navigation app just lies on purpose to get me to do stupid things. I followed the directions given, I even checked on a map, it looked okay, so I set off south. The road was smooth tarmac and mainly down hill, I stopped near a wooden cable way station, it was really small and was just above a green lake, the cable went high up into the Alps. The views of the green meadows and high mountains was fantastic, I got my camera out and took some photos. After I had rested and enjoyed the views I coasted down a wonderful road that went on for miles only it was a dead-end. There was a Swiss cottage and next to it a gravel path and a yellow sign with a black image of a walking man, so it had a footpath. I thought I could just push the bike instead of ride it, at this point I thought I heard an evil laugh from the woman on the navigation app but I ignored her.

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Around The Lake


After a four-hour detour around lake Luzern, I had a look around the station and checked the map. This time I headed along the other side of the lake. I stopped outside the Luzern stadium and bought a very expensive bottle of pop, I asked for a coke at first and the server gave me a generic brand I told her I wanted coke a cola and she told me it was Swiss coke. I ended up with 500ml sprite for 3.50, there was a cash machine nearby so I withdrew some cash and pushed on as I just knew the rest of this country would be expensive. The roads were smooth and fairly flat, I passed through Horwad and got to Stans. I was cycling right next to the motorway but on the side of the lake, cars went into a tunnel and cyclists have to go around the water’s edge, I had the Alps all around me, those really high ones with snow on. The road came out from the mountain and was tiered, I was on the lower tier with the traffic coming towards me but I was in Switzerland and cyclists have their own roads so no worries there.

I passed two divers preparing to dive in the lake both had dry suits on, sensible as I bet the lake was freezing. I gestured the okay sign as I approached them and got the okay sign back, a woman who was with them laughed as we exchanged our hand signals. Just after Stans I was heading for Engelberg but soon found out this was not the route for cyclists. I looked at the map at a nearby tram station and it would involve going over the peak of the Alps, well at least one of them. I had to go via Altdorf 32km away which would be around the mountain. I set off in the right direction, passing an airstrip where a radio controlled plane was doing some impressive manoeuvres, at first I thought it was a real plane from a long way off but some of the stunts were too much for a real plans.

There was an amazing wooden bridge at the end of the airport, I sat on a bench next to it for a while and ate a banana, I was next to a really fast river which had a small beach, I contemplated sleeping on the little beach but the noise of the water flowing was loud and I don’t think I would have slept. Two lads turned up on dirt bikes and were riding up and down the bike path making a racket so I carried on going through the Swiss bridge. Only ten minutes passed and I picked up a sign for a campsite so followed it to TCS Camping Buochs Vierwaldstattersee twenty francs for the night, I was absolutely exhausted and lost so I stayed.

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Campingstrasse Seeblick

Luzern SteamBoat - Campingstrasse Seeblick

It was late when I arrived at camping seeblick on the banks of lake Hallwilersee. I cycled into the entrance and up to the office, the lights were off and it was most definitely closed. I looked for the sign which usually says, pitch up and pay tomorrow but there wasn’t one. The entrance was fairly narrow, a little wider than a single track road, the office on one side and some plastic tables and chairs on the other in front of a large gazebo. Just passed the office were curved wooden benches with a wooden table in the middle, then a park bench, there were two elderly woman sat smoking and chatting on the park bench. I said hello and asked if I could camp, one women pointed towards the office and said, bell. I acknowledged her but decided to cycle around the site to see if there was an obvious tent area where I could setup and pay in the morning. What was obvious was this was a residential static caravan site, there wasn’t a single tent. I headed back towards the two women, one of them had gone and rung the bell on the office door. I waited with the woman attempting to make light conversation but she didn’t speak English and my German was awful. What seemed like an eternity passed before a man in his pyjamas and slippers appeared at the door, I felt bad that I’d either woke him up or disturbed him watching television. He was nice and polite, spoke excellent English and asked for my I.D, I handed him my driving licence, which I had used all the previous times I’d camped. Instantly he said, that’s your driving licence I need your passport, I told him it was in the bottom of my panniers and started to unload my bike, as I did he obviously wanted to get back to what he was doing and said, never mind come to the office tomorrow, sleep on pitch 44 and gave me directions.

It was pitch black when I set my tent up, I used my headlamp but it wasn’t very bright. I was really tired so didn’t peg guy lines into the grass just tied the back two to my bike frame, climbed in and went straight to sleep. When I woke up it was light, there was dew on the tent, I stuck my head out of the tent door. You’d have thought I’d set up on a bowling green, the pitch was immaculate, only the Swiss. I was the only tent in the whole place it seems this perfect lakeside piece of Switzerland has attracted people to stay all year round in their caravans, no one could blame them, it was beautiful. The Morning was misty, I’m 431m above sea level, squeezed between a lush forest and a lake, by the time I’d freshened up, it was blue skies and blazing sunshine. I went into the shop next to the office and bought a coffee and croissant then sat under the gazebo and updated my journal. It was fairly busy with people having breakfast in the sun. Most of them residents but a few staying in their holiday homes. A group of scouts went past, if that’s what there called in Switzerland. They dropped their rucksacks outside a door which was adjacent to my tent and went into the building. I lay all my gear out to dry and went to take some photos of the lake. Some of the scouts passed me carrying firewood as I returned to pack the bike.

I wasn’t in the mood for cycling my ribs ached, so I walked up the camping Strassa to the Molsem tram station. I thought that if a tram was heading in my direction I would take the day off from cycling but keep moving. It was noon and a tram was due at 12:31 going to Luzern, it would save me 28 km of cycling and several hours. I had time to figure out the ticket machine, simple really as you push the word English first. I bought a ticket to Luzern and waited for the tram, this time I was ready for it setting off at high-speed and got wedged in straight away. The journey was brilliant, the views were amazing, I defiantly knew I was in Switzerland, green fields and rolling hills. I passed an aerodrome which was holding an air show, there were jets zooming around the sky, a car boot sale which was full of really old fire engines, I nearly got off to investigate but resisted. I passed a village called Baldegg which had a stream train full of people waiting to go up the Alps. I had no idea what was in store for me at Luzern, I’d never heard of the place. On arrival it took my breath away, I wheeled the bike through the train station, visited the tourist information office for a map of the Eurovelo 5. I waited outside the entrance for a few minutes so I could take it all in, it was big, busy had thousands of bikes parked everywhere and I bet it’s been in a James Bond film.

Luzern is dominated by a huge lake with the Alps reaching towards the sky at the far end, it was a dramatic view. I walked along the front of the railway station and saw a food cart selling sausages, I waited in the queue and when asked what I would like, I just pointed at the persons order in front of me and said, one of those. I crossed the road and sat in the square in between the railway station and the bus station. I sat on the floor under the big monument with the clock on it and ate my street food, delicious. Luzern had an amazing atmosphere it was like the Swiss version of Monte Carlo, every prestige car from every conceivable year and the most beautiful women I’ve seen, all willing to spend some rich guys money. There were tourist everywhere, steam boat rides around the lake and a fantastic wooden bridge covered in red flowers. Wow!

I checked the navigation app, which wanted me to go along the far side of the lake then across it. The app wanted me to go on a ferry, I wasn’t keen on going on a ferry and thought I would just cycle around the lake, big mistake, a four-hour mistake. I pushed the bike across the busy road and through the crowds, the view from the bridge was amazing, the chapel bridge on one side and the lake with an old stream boat on the other. The bridge I was on was wide and busy with tourists all stopping to take photographs, I stayed on the bridge for a while taking photos myself. As it was busy I pushed the bike along the lakeside passing beautiful gardens and sculptures until it was quiet enough to ride.

I was heading towards a village called Meegan, it was a long hard ride up hill but the views were spectacular. I stopped several times and at one of them I was approached by a guy who was friendly but a bit hyper. His name was Bob he had lived in Luzern for seven years, he was in the I. T business and was very chatty, he also told me I was going the wrong way. I cycled on for about five minutes into Meegan and stopped in the shade under a tree to check the navigation app. Bob was right I’d just cycled in the wrong direction up hill for the past three hours, I was on the wrong side of the lake and if I continued I wouldn’t get to were I needed to be. I turned around and headed back to Luzern which was easy as it was all down hill. I passed Bob at speed and shouted, it’s the wrong way, Bob shouted back, I told you so!

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Free Tram, Eerie Forest


I couldn’t figure out the ticket machine which was sat on the platform. I did try, in fact I missed a tram because I was looking at the screen and pushing buttons. This did give me time to drink my coke and study the map, which was slightly obscured by graffiti. I was surprised a man in a van didn’t turn up to clean the graffiti off the map whilst I was there. As I had some Swiss francs on me I just got on the next tram and if asked for my ticket I would play dumb and just offer to pay. I boarded with ease but as soon as the door closed the tram set off with the speed of a formula one racing car and I shot towards the back of the tram, to the amusement of everyone in the carriage. At the next stop I wedged my bike in where the folding seats were and hung on to the handrail above my head, the doors closed and off the tram shot, these things are really fast but extremely quiet. The carriage I was in had a first class section, which no one was in, the tram looked brand new and I noticed it was made by bombardier a UK company.


I soon arrived in Menziken 12 km from my starting point at Teufnthal, it was the end of the line and no doubt I would have to explain why I had no ticket. I waited for everyone in the carriage to disembark and I got off. It was more like a cable car station than a tram station, it was also dark on the platform. I sat on a bench and checked my tablet for the nearest campsite, there was one 2.8km away which I thought was reasonable to get to before it was too late. I walked off the platform and onto the street, there was no ticket gate and no staff the place had turned into a ghost town. All the people from the tram had vanished and the road outside was eerily quite, It was twilight and getting dark fast, I got my visi jacket out of my panniers and put my lights on my bike. The lights at the tram station came on with a noisy flickering sound which made me jump, so off I went following the navigation apps instructions.


Menziken was a country village with beautiful architecture and every house seemed to have a large well manicured garden. I was obviously on the outskirts heading up a hill, which meant I soon had to get off and push. The view looking down the side of the hill was of a wonderful orange sunset above the rooftops of the village. I soon passed the houses and had a corn field on one side and a sloping common on the other but in front of me was a large eerie forest. I was tempted to sleep in the corn field but part of it had been cut down and I didn’t want to wake up with the blades of a combined harvester coming towards me so I pushed on. Within minutes I was at the entrance to the forest, there was a path running to my right along the edge and a path in front of me which went dark very quickly, I checked my nav app which confirmed that I had to go through the forest and not round it as the campsite was on the other side.


If it was light it would be an ideal place to wild camp but it just got darker and darker the further I went in. The lights on the bike were useless, I put my head torch on but it made very little difference. The path started off as tarmac and widened into a parking bay, a dark coloured car with steamed up windows was parked there and someone was leaning on the outside of the driver’s door facing the car, either still receiving oral or having a cigarette whilst watching what was going on in the car. I didn’t stare as that would be pervy, I just cycled on. The forest got thicker and darker, three animals dashed across my path, there were just shadows and scared me half to death, I have no idea what they were possibly dogs. The tarmac turned to stones and dirt and started to go down steeply, I had to get off and walk as it was to dark and too rough to cycle. Eventually I came out the other side at a tram crossing, it was flashing red so I had to wait for the tram to pass. I must say going through the forest I was a little scared, not of things that go bump or eat you. Just the fact it was dark, damp and I could have easily fallen into a ditch or spent the whole night going round in circles in an eerie forest.

Once the tram had passed I coasted down a hill for about a mile and turned into the campsite.

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