Continue Straight On!

Corn Field

But it’s a corn field, now I knew the navigation App was set to keep me off busy roads and aim for cycle paths but a corn field, okay there was a path and it had bike tracks on, so perhaps it was a short cut (by the way if a short cut is shorter why isn’t it just they way). What happened over the next 2 hours was going to be one of those life lessons.

Sleeping in a Car Wash!

Car Wash

I could see lightning in the distance and hear the thunder, it was already raining and I had a feeling the weather was going to get worse. I was on the main road heading out-of-town when the lightning was directly above me and the thunder was really loud, up ahead I could see the lights of a petrol station and knew I would have to take shelter,  as I approached the wind picked up and it started to rain heavily.