John Holt has worked in the travel industry for over 14 years and comes highly recommended by Trip Advisor for his practical and candid talks on travel destinations. Spending 18 months as a "Local Interest Specialist" for a leading tour operator John has become known as having more practical information than Google.

Retail Tricks

Avoid The Retail Tricks!

The world of retail pricing or in fact any pricing strategy is to pull the wool over the buyers eyes and make you shell out your hard earned cash on stuff you don’t need. Bold statement but how close to the truth is it?

Great Saving Ideas For Travel

Great Ways To Save For Travel

Saving for travel can be fun and by changing some of your habits the cash can soon mount up. Here are some great saving tips to get you started and you’ll soon be relaxing on that tropical beach.

Packing Right For A Flight

Flight Packing Guide

Travelling by air can be very stressful. Today’s version of air travel differs greatly from that of only a few years ago. Today, people are crammed into an ever-shrinking seat with smaller amounts of legroom and more restrictions then entering Buckingham Palace.