John Holt has worked in the travel industry for over 14 years and comes highly recommended by Trip Advisor for his practical and candid talks on travel destinations. Spending 18 months as a "Local Interest Specialist" for a leading tour operator John has become known as having more practical information than Google.

Schedules, Content and More..

Time to shift up a gear from the 2nd quarter 2018 onwards. A huge focus on Cape Verde and back into the photography. Here is an update of the new schedules and content. Less is more.

Doctor looking at xray

Insider Secrets – How Good Is Your Holiday Insurance

How often do you buy travel insurance based on nothing more than price. I think most of us, me included just leave travel insurance until the last-minute. We buy travel insurance because we have too but it shouldn’t be that way.

Luggage and Camera

Insider Secrets – Avoid Baggage Fees

I’ve developed a formula for packing that makes travel a lot easier and helps you become more flexible. This allows you to react to various situations and adds a whole new meaning to adventure.