John Holt has worked in the travel industry for over 14 years and comes highly recommended by Trip Advisor for his practical and candid talks on travel destinations. Spending 18 months as a "Local Interest Specialist" for a leading tour operator John has become known as having more practical information than Google.

A Quick Visit To Aquimes Gran Canaria

decided to put together a rural holiday based around Gran Canarias traditional culture and it was surprisingly excellent value for money.

Avoid These Pitfalls When Renting A Car

When renting a car you want the process to be easy and the car to suite your needs. Recently when visiting Gran Canaria I was put through the wringer with Goldcar. I had searched the Internet prior to travel to find myself a good deal but discovered that although the car was a reasonable price. The stress and worry at my destination plus the hidden extras didn’t make for a pleasant experience and I had a nagging feeling for the whole week.

Protect your privacy

How To Improve Privacy On Any Android Device

I have written about security vs convenience in the past and today I am going to talk about privacy. There is an excellent analogy to privacy written by Glenn Greenwald where he offers his email address to people...